What Are Your Bidet Options?

A bidet is an excellent addition to any bathroom. They are a hygiene device, installed to make it easier for a user to clean themselves after using the toilet.

Bidets are becoming increasingly popular throughout communities of people who may need a bit of extra help maintaining an acceptable level of hygiene after using the bathroom – such as disabled individuals, elderly individuals, or in some cases, mobility restricted individuals.

A bidet allows for these people to clean themselves independently, where it may not be possible otherwise.

What exactly is a bidet?

There are a few types of bidets to be chosen from including a bidet sprayer, bidet toilet seat and bidet attachment, but essentially, a bidet is a hygiene aid that attaches to a water source, and runs similar to a tap near the toilet, allowing for users to have a running water source to aid in cleaning themselves after using the toilet.

What are the different kinds of bidets?

As mentioned, there are a few different kinds of bidets, each with their own merits and uses. It is important to know how the user this aid is intended for will be using the device, as this will help inform your decision regarding what kind of bidet to purchase. The two main types of bidets are bidet toilet seats, and handheld bidet sprayers. These two types have subcategories of their own, including smart technology options. We’ll go into a bit more detail below.

Smart Bidet Toilet Seat

A smart bidet toilet seat is an excellent addition to any bathroom, regardless of who may need to use it. Featuring a remote control, making it extremely easy to use, this bidet has 4 settings, including posterior, swing, feminine and massage. It also comes equipped with air drying functionality, and even has a self cleaning nozzle, meaning upkeep is extremely minimal. If a user wishes to continue living independently, this is a great option, as a lot of the bidet use is remote control or even automated.

Water Powered Bidet Toilet Seat

A water powered bidet toilet seat requires no electricity, something which a smart bidet toilet does require. With a water powered bidet a simple dial operation controls the pressure of the water, and this style provides 2 cleaning settings – these being feminine and posterior. This option is easy to install, and can fit over almost any existing toilet, making it an easy option for someone wanting to try a bidet. Added functionality styles of water powered bidet toilet seats are also available, such as those equipped with night glow capabilities.

Bidet Attachment Round

There are a few bidet attachment rounds on the market, each with differing capabilities, but generally speaking, these are an easy to install bidet option. This style simply attaches to an existing toilet seat, and a hose runs from the toilet to the aid. The dial for settings then protrudes from the side of the toilet where the user can easily access it. This option allows for pressure and nozzle position customization, and does not require electricity to be operated.

Handheld Bidet Sprayers

This style of bidet aid is quite self explanatory. The hose that is used to clean the user is handheld, and extends from the wall. The standard length for this hose is 47inches, so this needs to be kept in mind before making a purchase, as the layout of your bathroom may affect the installation. The trigger nozzle means that the user will have control of exactly when water is sprayed and when it stops, and the hose means that they can move the nozzle around to get the desired level of cleanliness. This style often can be found in different materials, the most common being brass and PVC.

Which bidet is right for me/my user?

The right bidet for you can be determined by assessing exactly what your needs are. For example, someone who is mobility restricted may not be able to use a handheld option in an effective way as they would not have the mobility to maneuver the aid around safely, so a seat option would help them clean themselves faster and with ease. An elderly person who may not be physically stable when having to move around would definitely benefit from the use of a bidet toilet seat. Knowing the way you or your user intends to interact with the bidet aid is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the right piece for your bathroom. If in doubt, consulting with an independent living aid can be extremely helpful.