Rev Peter Unger Presents The Honest ‘One True North’

Rev Peter Unger taps into a thoughtful spirituality on the undeniably powerful “One True North”. Finding faith all around him, the song deals with loss in a dignified way. To lose someone close in life is hard and processing such an event can be difficult, even feel a bit lonely. With belief in a higher power that pain is reduced, as there is a bit of solace within that tragic period. Yes, there is still that hurt, but with faith that hurt is spread amongst a larger space. Lyrics truly serve the track quite well, intermingling elements of a life lived to the fullest alongside a strongly felt faith. The arrangement is kept to the essentials for the stripped-down, intimate approach feels akin to friends sharing a story.

Nor does Rev Peter Unger waste a moment, for he dives headfirst right into the stream of consciousness tact. Guitar work goes for a nimble, warm touch nicely punctuating the power of his words. As the song evolves it becomes ever more poignant. His voice rests front and center from which all else flows. Done with the greatest level of care, he never raises his voice, expressing anger. Instead, his faith allows him to process the sadness, the loss and the sickness, with the utmost of grace. For the final stretch the sense of peace feels quite potent.


“One True North” shows off Rev Peter Unger’s uncanny ability to find hope even within life’s darkest moments.

“Last year was tough, lost my mother, and my wife became seriously ill. This song sums up how my faith saw me through this. It has very simple lyrics and a simple melody. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share it, but hopefully some will resonate with it.” Rev Peter Unger