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The Chilean Artist GEPE Releases His New Single & Video “Confía” Featuring VICENTICO

In a world full of dangers and risks it is difficult to trust; but when we trust the right people, we become strong, united and more human. This is the message of “Confía” [Trust], Gepe’s new single in collaboration with Latin alternative music legend and the iconic voice of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs band, Vicentico.

Cut Copy share “Like Breaking Glass” single

“Like Breaking Glass” summons the quintessential Cut Copy sound from the vault, with high-end sonics and a reverb-laced backbeat upping the mood, while Dan Whitford’s unmistakable vocals conduct a choir of assorted textures, unsuspecting at every turn. Rising and falling vectors tear through warm synth-work and dance-tingling beats, mimicking sentiments behind the physicality of deep love and a heartbreak’s violent rhythms through the body.

Jake Miller Pens Love Song “Let’s Go Home”

“I wrote this song for my girlfriend and played it for her for the first time this morning on our flight from Florida to California,” shared Jake in a heartfelt Instagram post teasing the song. “Lots of emotions and happy tears. Can’t wait to finally live with you and start this new chapter… I love you B.”


Wild rock & soul singer Bette Smith is readying the release of her life-affirming new album, The Good, The Bad & The Bette. Produced by Drive-By Truckers Matt Patton and engineer/drummer Bronson Tew, the album will be unveiled by Ruf Records on September 25, 2020.

Vitriol Premieres New Music Video For “Hive Lungs” Today with Decibel

“‘Hive Lungs’ is a song that really came to life when we began to perform it live. James (the director) did a wonderful job capturing the energy we had been experiencing during that song night after night on stage. It is important to us that we have an authentic connection with our music while we play, and we wanted this video to demonstrate that.

Video Premiere: Vitriol – ‘Hive Lungs’

Video: East Ken – “Finish Move” ft. L.I.E. Wayne

True hip-hop heads know that Michigan rap is having a massive moment, with an endless pool of talented smack-talkers releasing banger after banger. Rising Detroit tastemaker Slitwristshawty expertly cuts through the noise, highlighting the best unknown rappers in Detroit and beyond. His latest gem–“Finish Move,” a wise-cracking new song and video from East Ken and L.I.E. Wayne.

Watch the video for Slight Of’s “Winter’s Maze” off their upcoming album

“‘We shot the video back in January, before the pandemic hit New York. It feels like a dream now. We spent the day wandering the city in the cold, gathering friends and strangers to participate in a surprisingly beautiful, often awkward series of video portraits. It’s strange, all the things I took for granted back then. It was one of the last times I saw many of those people.

I suspect I’m not the only one who has had a lot of time to think lately. I’m thinking a lot about what the future might look like – all the scary possibilities – but then I remember that when we’re in the thick of something it’s hard to see the path ahead. When I hear the song now I like to imagine that it’s precisely what we’re going through at this moment that will allow us to shake off the dust and move forward.”
Jim Hill, Slight Of

THE TROOPS OF DOOM: Brazilian Death Metal Unit Featuring Former Member Of Sepultura To Unleash Debut EP

THE TROOPS OF DOOM is led by guitarist Jairo “Tormentor” Guedz from the band The Mist and former member of Sepultura’s original lineup playing author and co-author of the classic albums Bestial Devastation and Morbid Visions and having also collaborated on some of Schizophrenia’s compositions. The band also includes bassist/vocalist Alex Kafer (Enterro, Explicit Hate, ex-Necromancer), drummer Alexandre Oliveira (Southern Blacklist, Raising Conviction), and guitarist Marcelo Vasco (Patria, Mysteriis, acclaimed graphic artist for legendary bands such as Slayer, Kreator, Machine Head, Soulfly, and Hatebreed among many others). THE TROOPS OF DOOM’s goal is to revisit the essence of ’80s style death metal, exploring a more primitive sound that takes listeners back to that era, while remaining fresh and genuine.

Grant-Lee Phillips Shares “Mourning Dove”

“Of the entire album, ‘Mourning Dove’ is among the oldest songs,” Phillips offers. “I lived with it for several years and it went through various stages before its completion. I began writing it in consideration for The Narrows. Like so much of that album, it’s a reflection of what we hold dear, what we value, ‘The things we chase that can’t be kept.’ It was one of the first things I wrote after moving to Tennessee. The imagery of dogwood trees and wildflowers were inspired by my connection to this place. It’s also a vision of a world beyond strife or a rest after a long battle.”

CABBAGE channel Shaun Ryder, announcing NEW ALBUM with GET OUTTA MY BRAIN

The green and pleasant lands above Manchester spawn a monster, as literary performance punks, CABBAGE descend from the misted Pennines once more to release a wiry tribute to the nerve-jarring electricity of their home city, GET OUTTA MY BRAIN. Using the occasion to confirm details of their second album, the band goes to no lengths to conceal their source of their affections, striding with soiled sneakers into the giant footsteps of kindred spirits and fellow sonic speech writers, Black Grape.