V. Tiarrá releases her rallying song & visuals for “Batter Up”

Every social revolution needs a rallying song and V. Tiarrá has arrived with “Batter Up”. Versatile and genre crossing, V. Tiarrá describes herself as a fusion artist with a heavy lyrical influence. She’s hopeful that the words she puts out into the world can help plant a seed for new thinking and a shift in mindset that can empower people to live their best lives and be revolutionary in their own way.

On the release of her new project “Batter Up” V. Tiarrá states:

“Unfortunately, watching the news these days has become like watching an episode of Jerry Springer. This is sad especially as much of the news revolves around the political dealings of our government officials and lawmakers, people that are supposedly responsible for making our lives better. I created Batter Up as a social justice anthem, a reminder to the masses that government has a real responsibility and needs to be held accountable for our wellbeing. It’s not a game – leaders need to take their jobs seriously and not just be politicking.”

Her style is a smart and soulful fusion of R&B, hip hop and a world music mix. V. Tiarrá loves to write lyrics that reflect on the social conditions of the world, ranging from politics, money, feminism and love.