Greg Kozo “Home Run” new EP (Vocal / Deep-House) – out

Returning to his suave electronic roots, “Home Run” is Greg Kozo’s first solo single in two years.

Soothed, sunny, flirting with a refined Deep House, Greg affirms with “Home Run” a color and his natural mood for sensual and minimal House Music. The collaboration in spring 2020 with Bilyboy, a French singer based in L.A., definitively embodied this new direction.


His studio partner The Toxic Avenger did the mix and a beautiful smooth remix too.

Video reporter for Technikart magazine (FR) for two years, Greg Kozo is a member of the band Make The Girl Dance who broke the internet in 2009 with the clip “Baby Baby Baby”, a global hit which had generated a huge international tour and a lot of syncs (Victoria’s Secret, Microsoft, TV Show like Jersey Shore etc.).