Difference between Lace front Wigs, 360 Lace Wigs and Full Lace wigs

Every now and then, we are facing hair problems and hair loss. In this case, hair extensions can be very useful. Wigs are easy to put, and they come in many styles offering versatility. Everyone is choosing a wig nowadays whether it is human hair wigs or synthetic wig but which one to choose? We will differentiate between 3 types of hair extensions that are: 360 Lace WigsFull Lace wigs, and lace front wigs.

Which type of wig should you choose?

As we all know, wigs have various styles, and we can easily put a hand on the one we want. It all depends on your mood and style if you wish to bob cut, long hair, or steps. They are not usually expensive, but the wigs that are handmade can be costly. Here are the differences below through which you can choose according to your state of mind.


You can wear lace front wigs on a special occasion. This wig has the ability to part your hair in the direction you want. From the front portion, which is 13 X 4, this top quality extension is knotted by using hands strand by strand. It gives ear-to-ear coverage. The rest of the wig is a machine knitted on to breathable cap to make you feel as cool and dry as possible. You can mould the cap size according to your head by the use of secure strap and combs.


This is a very user-friendly wig. You can make your own hairstyles through this wig. This does not go all around the head. But you can make a sleek and beautiful ponytail through this extension. The lace from back works like camouflage, it looks a lot like the scalp. The cap is breathable and machine sewed. 


Full lace wig is the most used and versatile wigs you will see. Majority of people like this because it is suitable for every type of hair and goes with your hair. The whole wig is knitted on lace cap through hand and strand by strand. It has an additional feature that stretches the middle layer of the wig in order to give protection to the lace. This will not tear your wig and easily adjust itself on your head.

Where can you buy the wig?

You can find a wig easily of your wish. It is not a difficult task to do.

Hair products stores: You can easily get a wig on hair products shops. They are also available in hair colours there. But consider a recommendation from your skin specialist, in case you get allergic or anything else. If you are not, then slay after wearing a wig and enjoy every occasion.

Online Stores: If you are not comfortable buying wigs from shops, then buy the extensions online. There are plenty of good online stores that are reliable or that offer satisfying products. You can check the reviews before buying hair wigs.