All you need to know about Auto Dialers

Auto dialers, as the name shows automatically and according to predefined dialing, processes make calls that have previously been combined into campaigns (sets of similar calls). If the called party answers, the call attempt becomes a conversation (sometimes “net contact”) and the dialer connects the called party to an agent.

Areas of application

The use of a dialer is advisable when large amounts of similar calls have to be held frequently (or as with outbound call centers). This can be important, for example

Quick contacting of a large number of individual contacts, such as a survey on a television program or an evacuation measure

The fair and verifiable burden on call center agents, e.g. also for billing purposes

The systematic processing of contacts – to popular and unpopular contacts alike (often supported by guidelines for interviewing)

Low costs per contact for particularly competitive tasks, such as making appointments for field service organizations.


Dialers are used in many companies to increase efficiency and to systematize outbound customer communication.

Dialers save you time – the time that your agents otherwise wait to answer the call, but also the time for those call attempts that are busy or end up on an answering machine.

Your agents can concentrate on conducting the conversation and are not annoyed by the average of three to four failed attempts before a conversation. The agent is friendlier, and that benefits the course and outcome of the conversation. You can avail of software autodialer service from Nola Automation. They have the best business phone solution for debt collections.

The call quality increases. For example, both your supervisors and your clients can – with due regard for the legal framework – listen in on conversations and/or provide assistance that only the agent hears and not the person called. If necessary, supervisors can take over or cancel calls.

Recording functions can also save the conversation (steep), or recorded audio files can make the conversation more varied.

Your supervisors see statistical values ​​from dialer operation in real-time and can react immediately, for example, if the reach-ability of a target group decreases or an ISDN connection has failed.


From the many different characteristics of dialers, some dialing methods are focused here.

1. Click to Dial

“Click to Dial” does not provide free auto-dial or a central campaign concept, but it is practical and widespread. For some applications, phone numbers are dialed by clicking or other simple procedures.

Advantages: Fast dialing of existing phone numbers from existing applications, without typing widespread distribution through standardized TAPI interface,

No control in operation by supervisors/team leaders required

2. Preview Dialing

“Preview Dialing” assigns calls to the agents in various game types and displays them to him. After confirmation (or time-out), the dialer automatically sets up the call from the agent’s phone.

Advantages: central management improves the systematic processing of calls,

The agent is informed about the person to be called and is better prepared

3. Predictive Dialing

“Predictive Dialing” sets up one or more calls for an agent and takes into account many factors that the dialer continuously measures and adjusts during operation. The call setup can already start, even though the agent is still talking to the previously called party.