R&B singer-songwriter Bea Kadri newest single “Be Alright”

Reminiscing on simpler days and when the world didn’t feel like it was actually falling apart, “Be Alright” is the latest single by Lebanese Singer-Songwriter Bea Kadri and London-based freestyle rapper Isaac B.

DSP – https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/0hKZLFlXBK4qrizxorUs2J

“Be Alright” is equally melancholic and uplifting, standing as a reminder that when things seem to be weighing us down, we should remember to take it easy, sit with the present and enjoy the journey; no matter what life throws our way. More so now than ever, where the concept of day-to-day life is blurred by the pandemic and now the protests, “Be Alright” reminds us to re-evaluate our stressful lives and find the balance between it all.