One To Watch: GRANT Releases New Single and Video, ‘Words’

Having spent much of 2019 dreaming up new material, 25-year-old Stockholm based artist GRANT has returned today with her stunning new single and music video. ‘Words’ comes with the confirmation that an EP is on the way, this being the first taste of what’s to come from this exciting new chapter of hers.

Recorded in both Oslo and Stockholm and co-produced by Martin Sjølie (Sigrid, Aurora) and Swedish duo Teofrans, ‘Words’contemplates the various relationship dynamics, up and downs, GRANT reveals, “I think relationships are a bit like religion, it has faith and rituals and when you doubt you should take comfort in knowing, it’s because you care.” She continues. “It takes courage to endure. That is love. Briefly we peek outside our window and wonder if what we do matters and if these rituals are giving us what we need. In time we start to mirror each other, we form a language and we have predictable habits, but I still can’t read his mind. There’s no absolution and certainties are momentary even when they last a lifetime. Looking at it that way, the idea of mundane seem kind of insane to me. But I try, and that is also love.”