Nice Walking Tour – The Amazing Exploration

Nice is one of the best places to visit, and here we are with some other stunning and amazing facts about The Nice walking tour.

So let us start our tourist guide in which you will learn a lot of things today so before we start our discussion and walkthrough of the Nice walking tour. Let us first see the history of the city Nice.

Also, it will be helpful for people who do not know anything about the city Nice.

Introduction to Nice France:

First of all, the word Nice is pronounced “NEES “in French. And from now on I expect you to say it NEES. Nice is a very beautiful city in France. And another interesting thing about the city is that it is the capital of Alpes-Maritimes; so for those people who did not hear about the Nice ever can surely now judge the value of it.

Alpes-Maritimes is a department of France on the south-east side of France. It is definitely a worth visiting and eye-catching place.

And another interesting thing about the place is that it has a lot of tourist attraction, and upon accumulating, by and large, we get a figure of four million. Now that is amazing, right!

Let us get into some amazing places and facts that we have not discussed earlier the Nice walking tour.

Explore history through The Nice walking tour:

If you visit the city Nice then for sure you are going to find a lot of things. And also you would love the city if you have a thing for history.

The city Nice has its own archaeological importance, and it holds the history of about 400,000 years. Yes, that is right. But now it is a part of the museum on the hill which is above the Nice port.

And isn’t it stunning to find out that visitors around 400,000 years ago came to the place to hunt Woolly Mammoths elephants? That sounds amazing to realize how much deep things this city has. And this can be explored with The Nice walking tour too.

Beaches with smooth stones:

Who does not love beaches? If you are one of the people who have a thing for beaches, then The Nice city is a place for you. Indeed if you have been to any beach, you would love sand. And what else would be the amazing part of it? Rock filled beaches, of course, The Nice city has unusual and beautiful beaches.

You will find a lot of smooth stones, these stones come from a place known as the mouth of the Var and Paillon rivers, and now these are the part of Promenade de Paillon gardens.

You would surely love seeing the view and these stones on the shore.

Explore more with Nice walking tour:

The Nice city is also known as The Nice la Belle and the translation of the phrase is “Nice the Beautiful”. And of course, the name has been given for a reason. It has also been a title of an unofficial anthem of Nice. This anthem was written by Monica Rondelly in around 1912.

It surely depicts that how beautiful the city is, the architecture of the city is amazing and worth catching. The history, sea view, landscapes. And a lot of things make it quite different and unique. You can know a lot more by visiting nicefuntours.

Also, you would many best shopping centres, and local vendors to visit, but all those things can be achieved if you have a nice walking tour. Because the true essence of the city can be felt when you visit it and walk yourself through,

Hope you have enjoyed it, and we will definitely cover more things in The Nice walking tour for you.