Song Review: “She Told Me” by Paul Haas

Paul Haas has released the song “She Told Me”. It is a country song that will likely be enjoyed by people who enjoy listening to that genre of music.

It is apparent from the beginning that “She Told Me” is a country song through the country-style guitar strums. Additionally, it can be concluded this is a relationship song through the opening lines: “I had a woman that loved me/Only reason that I know/She told me.” Through using past tense, the listener is left wondering where the lyrics will go; it is unclear if the relationship is over or not. For example, could she have told him she loved him, but then cheated on him?

Single Stream:

By the end of the song, the listener will have the answer: they are still together. It was a love song throughout, and focused on her love for the singer more so than the other way around. His love for her could be an interesting topic to explore in a future song.

“She Told Me” can be described as upbeat, yet still laid back in tone. It is not the type of song to which many would start dancing, but it is a fun song with heartwarming lyrics.

Instrumentally, the acoustic guitar and banjo lead the song. After the second chorus, there is a banjo solo that lasts for the rest of the song, demonstrating a raw talent with the instrument. This allows the banjo to define the song in a sense; while the lyrics are not bound by the country genre, the banjo is, and it makes for a unique addition.