Why Are Chiavari Chairs So Popular in Wedding

It is one of the many ways you can express your personality at a wedding. This also depends on the proper accessories and colors which will capture the attention of the guests. This does not mean that you have to go or give rise to excesses, remember that the less saturated your decoration the better results it will have and you will be able to achieve a perfect harmony for your event.

By habit of the bride and groom, marriages usually have two moments, the ceremony and the reception. So they have the opportunity to decorate, adorn or dress the chairs for both cases, as long as they keep a single decoration theme, that is, use the same color or type of chair. Unless the two moments take place in the same place.


For this occasion they can use wooden and metal chairs. As for the style of the chairs, there are many to choose from: the cushioned chairs, always practical and casual or French style for a classic and elegant marriage. The Chiavari or Tiffany chairs are popular for their versatility, their details, are commonly used in all types of weddings: formal, casual and outdoors. The Phoenix chairs are ideal for a modern style and the crossback chairs with their curved details are perfect for a vintage wedding decoration. You can get them from Tiffany Chairs Wholesale.

If it is your country weddings you can use any of our chairs to give a natural and uncomplicated touch to the celebration.


If you have already said yes for the religious, you will have to think about how to decorate the church for marriage. The seats in these churches are long wooden benches and the environment already has many decorations, so they will not need much decoration. That being the case, you can put details on the sides facing the hallway as flower arrangements for weddings, for example, white metal containers, tied with cabochon and inside them flowers such as roses, daisies or hydrangeas. They can also decorate with candles to mark the way to the altar.


Depending on the theme of the wedding and / or reception, there are several choices: if it is an outdoor marriage, they can use Tiffany chairs decorated with vines or garlands of branches, leaves and flowers on the back, also put some cushions coordinated with the colors of the wedding for the comfort of the guests. Include details such as carrying hanging portraits on the cross back chairs next to the altar aisle with photos of the bride and groom or small glass vases with flowers.

The backs of the chairs can be covered with bands, long ribbons, bows, pom poms, crepe paper flowers or flower crowns. They can also be covered with overlapping fabrics, smooth or gathered, in transparencies or in bright colors. In the bride and groom’s chairs, you can put posters or boards on the back with a few short phrases to differentiate them from the others and make them very special in your day.