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(Industrial/Post-punk) Civic Center Shares New Single “High Beams” Off Upcoming LP

“High Beams” is a sinister, pulsing slow burner. Sandy, atmospheric percussion hovers unsettlingly in the song’s backroads as slithering woodwinds creep into the mix. Frontman Jack Brockman howls with abandon – the delayed vocals becoming more unhinged as the song progresses. The first song on The Ground Below, “High Beams” sets the stage, showcasing the band’s uneasy modus operandi.

Grizzly Coast – “Catch & Release”

Toronto-based indie rock project Grizzly Coast blends Alannah Kavanagh’s trademark thoughtful lyricism with dreamy guitar rock sensibilities. Formerly performing as an acoustic singer-songwriter, Kavanagh wears her expansion into full-band territory well on the forthcoming Party of One EP.

Commonwealth Choir “No End” out June 19th on Know Hope Records

Philadelphia’s Commonwealth Choir have signed with Know Hope Records (Vinnie Caruana, String Machine) which will release the band’s upcoming EP ‘No End’ on June 19.

Slug Father shares new single “Think of U”

Today, May 13th, Brooklyn-based producer Slug Father shares a groovy new single “Think of U” via Casablanca Sunset Records.

Lending it self stylistically to Nu Disco / Future Funk, “Think of U” features dreamy nostalgic vocals, contagious bass, and pulsating 110 bpm rhythm. It’s really quite a fitting late spring release as the song lends itself to new begins and blossoming into the next phase of Slug Father’s artist career.

UPON WINGS Teams with SEETHER Guitarist on ‘Amazing Grace’ Song

Few songs carry the messages of hope, love and resilience as much as the classic hymn “Amazing Grace.” UPON WINGS has released a special version of “Amazing Grace” with music by SEETHER guitarist Corey Lowery.

Paint (Allah-Las’ Pedrum Siadatian) shares song in Farsi – Video: “Ta Fardah”

Having first made his mark as a songwriter and guitarist for Los Angeles’ Allah-Las, Pedrum Siadatian has etched out a place of his own with his solo work as PAINT. Following his eponymous debut in 2018, Pedrum returns with the release of the ambitious Spiritual Vegas – an opus that’s both idiosyncratic and focused, finding cohesion through diversity.

First single “Ta Fardah” (Til Tomorrow), sung in Farsi, is a nod to Siadatian’s Iranian heritage and a crate digger’s dream, channeling 70’s Persian funk melodrama that sounds like a nightclub dancefloor hit in pre-revolution Tehran.

Watch Jake Troth’s New Video for “The Queen”

“I once dated a pop star when I was the most broke I’ve ever been. She was always offering to buy me things, pay for gas, fly me everywhere… It made me feel indebted. It wasn’t until after we split that I realized all she wanted was a few plucked flowers every now and then. I wrote this song after she told me she couldn’t take me back. I hope she hears it while at the movies with whomever she’s seeing now.” -Jake Troth

Singer, Songwriter & Actor Ryan O’Shaughnessy To Release New Single & Video “Lucky One” On May 29th

Singer, songwriter and actor Ryan O’Shaughnessy has led an incredibly successful and diverse creative life for a relatively young artist. But his most recent experience, a year of travel (that began in South America and ended in Los Angeles), has added a new chapter to his musical career, resulting in a lot of new musical collaborations and a new single, “Lucky One,” set for release on Friday, May 29, 2020 on O’Shaughnessy’s own Bayview Records.

Rob Vicious of Shoreline Mafia Makes Em Say “Ooh” in “Wat It Do” Video

He’s a mainstay on the L.A. rap scene, but Rob Vicious often returns to his Southern roots in his music. Kicking back in a blood-red room with a crew of close friends, the Shoreline Mafia rapper shares “Wat It Do,” his new video. A sinister anthem with subsonic bass and ominous high-key piano notes, “Wat It Do” echoes the pitch-black horrorcore pioneered by Three 6 Mafia in the 90s, as Rob barks double-tracked missives against fakes and lames: “Hope you with that sh*t you rappin’ on the mic/Ask yourself, are you really bout that life?” In the video, Rob presides over an intense function, mobbing with his crew as he goes buckwild. “Wat It Do” is the latest video from Rob’s Breakthrough mixtape, following the similarly dark video for the DJ Paul-produced “L3V3L.”

MAELSTROM Premiere “Th13teen Within A Circle” Music Video

Epic thrash metal group MAELSTROM are excited to share another offering from their soon to be released debut album; an accomplishment more than three decades in the making. Today, the band has premiered their music video for “Th13teen Within A Circle” exclusively via Decibel Magazine. In addition to the new video, vocalist Gary Vosganian spoke with Decibel in one of the band’s most extensive interviews to date.

Song Premiere: MaelstroM “Th13teen Within A Circle” + Q&A With Gary Vosganian

DANIELIA COTTON Re-Emerges with ‘A Different War’ to Confront Race, Gender, and Wealth in These Difficult Times

Hailed by The New York Times for music that’s “soulful enough to fill a revival tent,” DANIELIA COTTON has risen again into the light, fiercely and defiantly, with A Different War, her most politically charged album in a widely heralded career.

Danielia Cotton tries to ‘open up the conversation’ on ‘A Different War’ EP

Mark Schwaber – ‘Murder/Suicide’ single

To Mark Schwaber, the art of distilling beauty from desolation is a familiar one.

The sonic expression of his sincere relationship with darkness binds together the many albums that he has recorded over the last several years. His most recent work, Everything Around Me, continues this journey. Written in the months leading up to and after his mother’s passing, the album captures a devastating epoch in Schwaber’s life.

Montreal artist Mirabelle, who will be releasing her new album Late Bloomer on May 29th

Mirabelle is the new project from Laurence Hélie, a Montreal singer-songwriter who released two highly acclaimed Francophone folk albums in the early 00’s before taking time away from music, suffering from a creative block. She’s back with a new name, a new approach and a new record, Late Bloomer. Working with Plants & Animals’ Warren C. Spicer as a producer, and featuring synths from Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux (Organ Mood, Lesser Evil), the album is a brooding and blooming record, a collection of songs about self-acceptance and reflection, a celebration of oneself.

The Icon X Mr R&B – Track: ‘SEX’

The song has a really crisp production tone, which enhances the listening experience, as well as highlighting the natural perks of The Icon X Mr R&B’s charismatic vocals. The low end is punchy and direct, while the top end is silky and smooth, allowing the sound to shine, even when listening to it on tiny laptop speakers! Whether you enjoy this production on your best headphones or on a smaller system, you will have the chance to enjoy a world-class sound, that fuels the appeal of this release. In addition to the striking vocal performance, the production of the song is also particularly unique. The tone is absolutely stellar, and it is really striking, particularly when it comes to the amazing balance of every element in the mix.

Venice Queens return with new single, ‘Royalty’

Following on from the release of the bright ‘Punchdrunk’ earlier this year, Adelaide indie-pop faves Venice Queens have returned with some of their most urgent material to date in new single, ‘Royalty’.

While maintaining the infectious energy that has brought previous releases praise over the last two years, the latest from the five-piece has proven to be the perfect way for them to work through frustration, feed their determination and thrive on the inspiration change can bring.

Danny Kensy – Track: Neon Glow

Neon Glow, a summer smash by country artist Danny Kensy, was produced by Grammy-nominee Eric Torres, and co-written by Ben Wolf, Rick Ott, Dakota Jay and Danny Kensy. This upbeat tune is unlike anything on country radio–finally something different… a funky twist that blends traditional and modern country into a big-time party track.

Butcher Brown Release New Single “#KingButch”

The Richmond, VA-based band Butcher Brown is back with another new single called “#KingButch” out today!

Like the previous single “Tidal Wave,” their distinctive blend of jazz and hip hop radiates out of the speakers, this time Tennishu’s lyrics putting a focus on the latter.

“To me, #KingButch describes the feeling when I walk into Jellowstone (Studios). It has an edge but is very warm and loose. The lyrics came after we laid down the track. We were hanging out, sitting down at the instruments. I wrote the lyrics to capture the vibe of the hang.” – Tennishu

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Netflix’s Alison Roberto x Fiona Grey [Skope Mag]

Kerosene is an edgy and introspective tune that seems perfectly made for the dark times we’re currently moving through as a society. The music video was created alongside Netflix’s Alison Roberto with the concept of isolation in mind. Shot on the side of a mountain in Malibu. The landscape serves as a stunning contrast between the burnt trees and wreckage from the recent Malibu fires with the vibrant, beautiful new growth of the superbloom. It is the perfect backdrop for the video, as it reflected the conflict within the song between the devastation of the break-up and the new emotions I was feeling as I tried to move on. It also provides an ironic fit for our current climate. Alison Roberto, the director – perfectly captured this and truly brought this to life.


MAELSTROM Premiere “Th13teen Within A Circle” Music Video

Epic thrash metal group MAELSTROM are excited to share another offering from their soon to be released debut album; an accomplishment more than three decades in the making. Today, the band has premiered their music video for “Th13teen Within A Circle” exclusively via Decibel Magazine. In addition to the new video, vocalist Gary Vosganian spoke with Decibel in one of the band’s most extensive interviews to date.

Song Premiere: MaelstroM “Th13teen Within A Circle” + Q&A With Gary Vosganian

DJ Paula Frost Debut EP ‘ORBIT’ out 31st May

DJ Paula Frost is proud to announce the release of her debut EP ‘ORBIT’ due 31st May. After the success of first single ‘Oxygen Tank’, she’ll be putting out three new songs with music videos throughout May; ‘Bangkok Beat’, ‘Orbit’ and ‘Jungle War’.

Jess Knights Channels Throwback Soul on “Baby, Won’t You Stay”

Filtered through transcendent hip-swaying instrumentation from some of Toronto’s best songsmiths and sidemen, including R. Grunwald, Dean Drouillard, Mark McIntyre and award-winning producer Joshua Van Tassel, the track is a playful plea to hang back after the sun’s come up. Brimming with soulful throwback energy and Knights’ coy vocal conviction, “Baby, Won’t You Stay” muses on love in the moment.

Jess Knights | Baby, Won’t You Stay: Exclusive Premiere

Z & S STORM Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Plaza Mayor Company will release two Soundtrack albums for the Hong Kong crime thrillers Z Storm, S Storm and L Storm P Storm.

Z Storm – This is a story about the biggest financial fraud attempted in Hong Kong, directed at the Government of Hong Kong and involved all 7 million Hong Kong citizens… no one is free….

S Storm – No sooner is a team at ICAC st up to investigate irregularities in soccer official betting in Hong Kong before a suspect is assassinated…

NEWS: Peter Himmelman’s “This Is How It Ends” from forthcoming album written in June 2019

Press On, Peter Himmelman’s forthcoming 13-song album, was recorded live in Los Feliz, Calif. in a total of three days. “We used a simple creative forcing frame for our three-day marathon session, which consisted of four rules,” Himmelman says. “Upright bass on every song, little to no cymbals and high-hats, no professional background singers, and as much live recording as possible. We wanted anyone listening to the music to feel as if they were in the room with us as we were recording.” These days not many players have the musical chops to record without stopping to fix mistakes, or to improvise complex parts on the fly. The musicians Himmelman selected for the project were capable of both, and they were excited about the chance to make a live-in-studio recording in a short span of time.

Video: Peter Himmelman “This is How it Ends”

SILK ROAD Release ‘Just Like That’ Music Video & Single

UK rock band, SILK ROAD, have released a new music video for ‘Just Like That’, it’s the second single from their debut album ‘Grit For The Pretty’, which will be out later this year. Drummer Charles Evans also plays for Jizzy Pearl’s LOVE/HATE.

MAELSTROM Premiere “Th13teen Within A Circle” Music Video

Epic thrash metal group MAELSTROM are excited to share another offering from their soon to be released debut album; an accomplishment more than three decades in the making. Today, the band has premiered their music video for “Th13teen Within A Circle” exclusively via Decibel Magazine. In addition to the new video, vocalist Gary Vosganian spoke with Decibel in one of the band’s most extensive interviews to date.

Song Premiere: MaelstroM “Th13teen Within A Circle” + Q&A With Gary Vosganian

Tatiana Hazel Releases New Electropop Single “IN MY ROOM!”

Following her highly successful single “Don’t Care,” indie Pop songstress, producer and fashion designer Tatiana Hazel shares her latest offering “IN MY ROOM!,” an electropop dance record born during a time of a complete immersion in 80s alternative and Pop music from the likes of Madonna, New Order, Depeche Mode, Kylie Minogue, and The Psychedelic Furs, to name a few. “IN MY ROOM!” was premiered yesterday exclusively with Marvin Magazine Mexico and is Tatiana’s 2nd single from forthcoming EP ‘DUALITY’ set to be released in June via Downtown Records.

Rex spark resentment on bittersweet new track FFO Nick Cave, Lou Reed

Known for post punk, new wave and Spanish rhythms, the Amsterdam-based trio Rex explore themes around the darker side of life. Caught in a whirlwind of frustration over dead-end relationships, the band are set release new cut ”Lovers Like We Used To Be’

Joesef shares video for “The Sun Is Up Forever”

Filmed entirely in isolation, footage used in the music video was crowdsourced via collaborative platform Daisie (co-founded by actress Maisie Williams) with the aim to connect and unify people amidst the current period of separation. Joesef requested users submit clips of their sunrises or sunsets, stating in the video’s introduction, “I always took comfort in the fact that, although our surroundings may be different, we are all kind of looking up at the same thing.” Edited together with a retro filter, the final film resembles an old VHS tape, fitting perfectly with the song’s message of moving on from the past.

New music: JARAMI “Company”

Grammy-Award winning Swedish producer duo Jarami release their new track, “Company” via Columbia / RCA Records. Click HERE to listen.

Of the track, Jarami says: “Sharing the principles of free jazz in spirit with structured electronic and psychedelic sounds led us to something less conformed and quite original. Lyrically, ‘Company’ is about the feeling of being codependent. Needing something or someone desperately.”

Tammy Rivera – “Charlie” Video Montage

A Mother’s Day release to warm the hearts and bring families closer together during these tough times with everything going on is exactly what was need to help soothe a hurting society. An ode to her daughter, “Charlie”, Tammy Rivera releases a single of the same name “Charlie” available on all platforms. An instant fan favorite this unofficial video is an offering to add some context to an already beautiful powerful song. A picture is worth thousand words, hopefully these images can add more feeling to an emotional song.

LADY BIRD launch fiery new cut ‘WWW’ out May 14th

Ruthlessly demonstrating their amplified potential, Kent punk purveyors Lady Bird launch fiery new cut ‘WWW’, and announce the imminent arrival of upcoming EP ‘BRAINWASH MACHINE SETTING’, out June 26th via Purple Stains/ JägerMusik.

Laying down a framework of stripped back rock, heavy and pulverising, yet never losing its sense of melody, ‘WWW’ captures the raucous trio’s attitude of rebellion, freedom and bold ideas in one exhilarating dose; with frontman Don Bird’s distinctively English tones reminiscent of Mike Skinner – telling tales of a Kentish Wetherspoons rather than London clubs.

joan Releases “magnetic” (Photo Finish Records) Single & Video Today!

If you aren’t familiar with joan yet, listen up! The Arkansas duo have the ultimate riveting alt-pop ballad “magnetic” hitting TODAY via Photo Finish Records! The track is accompanied by a video that screams social-distance and is enough to make all of us city dwellers dream of an escape to somewhere green, watch it HERE.

WAR CLOUD: watch “Striker” video off new album on Ripple Music!

Oakland shredders WAR CLOUD unveil a thrash-laden second single taken from their thunderous new album ‘Earhammer Sessions’, coming out this May 22nd on Ripple Music. Stream “Striker” exclusively via Riff Relevant now!

This new live-in-studio record ‘Earhammer Sessions’ was recorded at Earhammer Studios in California by Greg Wilkinson and mastered by Alan Douches (Motörhead, High On Fire, Gwar). This a special, boiling treat from the West Coast foursome, who captured the thunderous live energy of their most revered songs!

Premiere: WAR CLOUD New Single/Video “Striker”; ‘Earhammer Sessions’ Live Album Arrives

Ezra Feinberg (formerly of Citay) returns with a new solo album

Recumbent Speech, Ezra Feinberg’s second album, opens with a lament. Named for the Robert Frost poem, “Acquainted with the Night” was written during one of the many devastating spectacles of injustice under our current regime. Repeating flutes and synths beam out of a low-end darkness, reflecting a collective sense of loss and alienation. Rising slowly, thickening with guitars and strings, “Acquainted with the Night” lifts off, and so too does the album from there.

The second track, “Letter to my Mind,” features the dynamic interplay of Feinberg’s guitar with the loose and playful drumming of Tortoise’s John McEntire, both pushing and pulling atop a looping bass figure. “Palms Up” begins with a lockstep pulse recalling early Terry Riley before jumping into an Ashra-like jam with Afrobeat accents.