New Music – Dylan “Good Enough”

An existential crisis. Subjective to its core. An unanswerable question. “Am I good enough?” – a feeling to beat and moreover a thought to overcome. On her latest single rising newcomer DYLAN channels her fury into song, “Good Enough” sees her racing through possibilities before reaching the ultimate epiphany – “I was never not good enough”. The second chapter of her sophomore EP, Red, again shows DYLAN’s growth as a songwriter and conceptual artist.

“I was really angry when I wrote this,” she explains. “I wasn’t even with the person I wrote it about, it was so messed up you could barely call it seeing each other. That person made me feel like I would never be good enough for anyone. I hurt for a very long time after it ended, but after I wrote it all down the hurt went away. Everything that was said I let get to my head, and it made me feel worthless, yet written down it was madness. I was never not good enough.”