In Nigeria, the legalization of online casinos

Under chapter 22 of criminal code in Nigeria, most forms of gambling and betting are illegal. The exceptions are our nation’s three licensed casinos, our national lottery, backgammon and skill-based card games. For the state to run racing totes and betting pools, the law also leaves the room.

Engaging in unlawful gambling, the penalty for players is the prison plus fine sentence, up to 3 months in jail and a small fine up to 40 nairas. To own gambling devices and make it legal, there are other laws. For instance, to own a gambling machine, the Gaming Machines (Prohibition) Act considers it as a crime. Up to one year of prison is the sentence for violation of this law.

The penalties for banks involved, promoters, owners and operators are far more significant than involved in unlawful gambling. However, when it comes to a stop such crimes, our police force is mostly understaffed. In its result, much of gambling industries thrive illegal channels through pushed them underground.

Illegal Gambling in Nigeria

Domestically operated illegal sites of betting, unauthorized lotteries, football mafia bookies and underground casinos are spread through Nigeria. There is no player protection because players are committing a crime themselves. A casino rigs a game if a bookie refuses to play then other scams are run and to turn the player has nowhere.

Online gambling websites that are regulated and licensed in foreign countries, it’s far safe to gamble with them, as scams are common in Nigeria. One of the best places to search sites is the place where gambling is legal such as sites regulated in the European Union or elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

With a European licensed gambling site when Nigerians have depute, even they can complain via internet or post, and that’s the reason this is the best idea. You can complain to their local police, their sanctioned arbitrators and even their gambling commission. There are many channels for players’ protection, as these companies are legal. Such complaints are rare because the sites are already honest and know this. For the best casinos in Nigeria, you can check the full list here.

Also know, over these sites our local police have no authority. This law doesn’t apply to Nigerian while they’re violation their law because they aren’t located here. The gamblers who are using European licensed websites the police here are not too concerned with stopping them.

There is a long list of requirements that commission demand before giving out a permit of sports betting that any potential operator must meet, some of these requirements are:

  • Payment of a processing fee and non-refundable application of 2,000,000 Naira
  • Profile and name of other key personnel and director
  • Of 30,000,000 Naira a minimum share capital
  • Domain name registration’s evidence
  • Details of events and planned games like virtual games, sportsbook and live betting
  • Security system with information on types of routers, clouds, firewalls, servers and other security features

For the commission, there are a lot more requirements, but to show you that in Nigeria online sports betting is well-regulated we’ve listed these. Before being granted a license through an elaborate process, any potential operator is put through.