Three Things to Know About Packers

It can feel daunting in finding the right prosthetic if you are a first-time packer wearer. To make your head spin, the sheer volume of choices is available online. All sorts of packing accessories you might need or want for a confident and comfortable packing experience are present online as well. And if you are deciding what type of packer you want, before making a final decision, here are the three things that you need to know about FTM penis prosthetics.

1. Bigger is Not Necessarily Better
This first point is huge, so forgive the pun here. Packers are the items that cannot be returned if you once purchased them because these are the items of sensitive nature and in many cases are custom made for the client. So, while buying it, you need to make sure that you are not wasting your cash on a thing that doesn’t work for you, and you get the one that fits your needs.
It is complicated to find a packer of an appropriate size because the names of the products can be misleading by themselves. For instance, if you are taking Fleshlight’s extra small Mr. Limpy – on the market, one of the smallest packers the “Extra Small” can measure in at about 3.75 inches. So people are thinking to themselves while coming across this product that it’s better to get a bigger dick because I don’t want an extra small one. And as a result, they buy the one which is too big for them.

2. For Prolonged Skin Contact some Packers May Not Be Safe
When I received an email from a supply customer who is a transguy and he was asking if Mr. Limpy was safe or not to put against the skin, that was the first time when I became aware of the potential hazards of the soft packers. I read some reviews by the users, and in those reviews, they are saying that the packer they used caused their skin to break out in a rash and other unpleasant sensations.
Concerned about the things I read, I found out that some user side effects from wearing Mr. Limpy are reported by a small percentage of people. Then I took it myself to search the internet if any packers are made of thermal gels or elastomer. The results were surprising – any of the pleasure works’ soft sailor packers, packer gear packers, and pack-it packers, among others, are made of these materials; this list includes the Masho as well. So, the chances that your packer is made from thermal gel if it costs less than $20 is very high. While using these packers’ whiteheads, pimples and rashes are some negative and common side-effects that people report.

3. Cornstarch is Your Friend
After living in your pants, the whole day, there is no way to put it lightly, you can find your packers quite nasty. It is an excellent start to wash your packers daily, and finish up by using moisture- absorbing cornstarch; it is the best way to keep your packer from becoming swampy. I suggest the warm water rinse off, which is followed by a light dusting of cornstarch and a part dry every day. Cornstarch is also very useful for the people who wear their silicone packers during the day against their skin. In these instances, dusting your prosthetic with the cornstarch can also help avoid unpleasant sensations.

There are other blogs that we’ve seen which recommend the use of baby powder as a potential packer refresher. However, there is quite a bit of research out there to suggest that there is a correlation between cancer and talc powder use, so I am not sure about this option. The good news is that at your local grocery store, the cornstarch is always available and it is not expensive at all.