DaRil’s Back With His Energetic, Thought Provoking Single – L.I.F.E.

What is life? According to songwriter, producer, and artist- DaRil,” It’s an endless and unpredictable journey filled with mountaintops/valley lows, victory/defeat, and trouble/triumph.” In his new single- L.I.F.E., which will be available on digital media platforms on May 1st, he paints the picture of the various challenges and dilemmas that we, as humans, face during life’s journey, such as frustration, temptation, pain, greed, and poverty while urging listeners to be proactive, take control, and conquer their lives. The track also hints at the strong possibility of a blissful afterlife awaiting those who struggle during this one. This soul-stirring, mind stimulating track is certainly relevant for these times. It is sure to resonate with a wide audience and transcend all barriers- ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, geographical location, age, etc. So get ready by checking out a snippet of the track as well as pre-saving it on Spotify.

DSP: https://daril.hearnow.com/