Benefits of Poly Water Tanks

Water harvesting has occupied humanity for a long time. Although steel tanks have been the main choice for both domestic and commercial users, this trend has significantly changed over the years with the advent of poly water tanks. Indeed, it is for a good reason that they have become more popular. If handled carefully, poly tanks can last long and generally serve the same purpose better. Let’s delve deeper into more benefits advanced by poly water tanks.

Ease of Installation

Poly tanks are ready-made and all you need to do is position it appropriately within your compound. They require very little effort in comparison to other types of tanks, thus reducing the need for technical skills when placing them within the compound. Even if you decided to relocate them, it is easy as you only need to carefully handle them to avoid breakages.

In comparison, tanks made from concrete, steel, and a selection of other materials require a great deal of preparation and time. Concrete tanks, in particular, are more expensive and have to meet a long list of standard measures before they are verified as safe, especially for drinking water.

With poly tanks, you can position them high using wooden or metal stands so that water flows from a steeper gradient. This is not easily achievable with steel or concrete tanks. When positioned that way, experts such as Australian Poly Tanks say that they can be used for other activities such as irrigation and water supply for longer distances.

Wider Variety

Poly tanks give consumers users a wide range of options as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This means that buyers can install them in just about any space of their choice. They also come in different colors, giving you the chance to blend them with the rest of your landscape. With a choice of shapes and sizes, you are able to organize your space and choose the most practical position for your tank.

Easy to Maintain

One of the main advantages of poly water tanks is that they are built from just one piece and therefore have no seams. This means that they have very low chances of leakage problems unless it is mishandled.

Generally, poly tanks can be maintained easily avoiding challenges such as rust and cleaning difficulties. It is also possible to install a self-cleaning system so that all dirt and debris are removed whenever the tank reaches full capacity. This adds up to the entire cost which is significantly lower than stainless steel and even concrete tanks.

Strong and Durable

Poly tanks are built for long-term use and can remain useful for a very long time with proper care and maintenance. Steel tanks, on the other hand, are susceptible to breakages of the welded and bolted parts as well as the seams, joints, weld lines, and other elements that get weak over time. On the other hand, poly tanks are remoulded through heat and time processes to make the final product firm, more durable and reduce the chances of breaking apart.

Poly tanks keep Drinking Water Safe

One of the main undoing of steel tanks is that they are prone to rust, after a prolonged period of time. This is altered by galvanizing them with a zinc lining. This poses no health risk to drinking water but may change the taste of water. Poly tanks are manufactured from food-grade safe polythene plastic that is BPA-free and certified for food consumption. They are therefore safe and reliable for the storage of drinking water. Even for a long period of time. This reliability has seen them get more popular globally.

Poly tanks produce fewer toxins and generally maintain a high level of cleanliness. In many jurisdictions, there are high requirements for preservation, storage, and supply of drinking water. Poly tanks, therefore, provide a suitable solution.

Plastic tanks Weigh Less

Plastic tanks are comparatively light in weight, making them easy to handle. Whereas you may need a crane to move steel tanks around, plastic tanks can be moved around by hand, even on hilly ground.

In addition, transportation from one location by road or any other means is easier and less riskier compared to steel tanks, with most manufacturers having specialized vehicles for transportation of tanks.

Good For Underground and Above Ground Storage

Water storage facilities for both domestic and commercial use demand proper positioning for more efficiency. This gives the owner the flexibility to collect and use water while utilizing the tank maximally. Poly tanks can be used for both underground and above ground storage and still last long. Underground facilities in particular demand material that is highly resistant and can withstand both external and internal weather effects. Poly tanks are built for all-weather patterns. They are now popular in many parts of the world, with manufacturers customizing them to withstand local climate and cater to individual needs.


Poly tanks have found lots of uses all over the world. The last two decades have seen a growth in technology that has helped to create outstanding shapes and sizes. As the world focuses on sustainable solutions with less harm to the environment poly tanks stand out as a good option for water storage solutions. It is no doubt quality investment that should serve you for a long time. Importantly, do some research within the local market for the most suitable brand that will serve your purposes?