Accident Lawyer for Consultation

Work accident procedures are very complex and sometimes lead to conflicts between employees and employers. The labor lawyer will advise and defend you if a dispute occurs related to a work accident. Its role is, in some instances, decisive.

Accident at work: which lawyer to consult?

The Social Security Code defines the industrial accident in these terms: “An accident occurring by the fact or during the work to any employee is considered as an industrial accident, whatever the cause or working, in any capacity whatsoever, for one or more employers or business leaders.”

To discover more about the definition of work accidents and the difference between work accidents and commuting accidents, read the “5-point work accident” and “Commuting accident” sheets.

Accidents at work often cause conflicts between employees and employers. The conditions for an accident to be classified as an industrial accident are stringent, and the employer and employee sometimes disagree on this subject.

If a dispute occurs, you must consult a lawyer qualified in labor law.

Accident at work: why address a lawyer in labor law?

The labor lawyer will help you if problems occur. Work accident procedures are very complex. To where some people don’t even know their rights. Plus, it’s easy to get lost in paperwork. Also, the attorney will be able to advise you on deadlines and procedures.

The lawyer can accompany and advise you to best represent your interests.

If an employee occurs /employer dispute, the lawyer will usually first try to reconcile the two parties. If the conflict escalates or cannot be resolved amicably, proceedings before a Labor Court will be initiated. Your labor lawyer will assist you and defend your case before the Court judge.

Accident at work: when to consult a labor lawyer?

It is strongly advised to use a labor lawyer when the dispute arises. Typically, you are an employee, and your employer refuses to report your accident. At this point, you, as an employee, must consult a lawyer. And not after!

Do not wait too long before calling on a lawyer. The sooner you do it, the more luck and justice you will get.

It is best to find a lawyer before going to court.

Accident at work: what can the lawyer in labor law do for the employee?

Following an industrial accident, you must report your accident to your employer. You will tell him the place and the circumstances of the accident, possibly mentioning the witnesses to the accident.

The employer may send a work accident form to your health insurance fund. Sometimes the employer refuses to report your accident.

If you are hurt on the job in an accident on the highway with a big rig, you may want to consider speaking with a truck accident lawyer. You may have options both for the on the job injury and a possible claim against the other driver.