Essy Dances Away the Pain on Sparkling New Synthpop Single, “One”

“This song is about finding the confidence within yourself to walk away,” Essy explains. “Sometimes it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do, because it feels like nothing is in your control, but you can’t change people and you can’t continue to be walked on until they change, either. It’s about taking your power back. You rule your own fortress. Protect it and handle it with care.”

With introspective lyrics and an infectious beat that will make you want to cry-dance away the bullshit, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Essy premiered her sparkling new synthpop single on Friday, ahead of her forthcoming debut album, due out this spring.

Essy (born Rachel Braig), began her career in 2018 as an EDM songwriter and toplining vocalist. By the age of 20, while still in college at UVA studying media and psychology, the burgeoning artist already had major cuts with acts like Ship Wrek and Star Party under her belt.