Essential Elements To Add In A Youtube Marketing Video

From the time it was launched in 2005, YouTube has always strived for entertaining its users through a wide variety of video content. Today, YouTube is one of the most popular marketing channels with very high ROI. Nearly 78.8% of marketers claim that YouTube is the most effective video marketing platform, even beating Facebook.

Over the years, many businesses and marketers have realized that YouTube is a gold mine for attracting people towards your brand by making a promo video about the product or service. On top of it, video editing is not a laborious task as it used to be many years ago. This is mainly attributed to the advent of many user-friendly video editing tools like InVideo that helps in making such videos in minutes. It is also one of the top intro making tools available in the market, helping you to create captivating introductions for your videos.

8 Essential Elements Of A Youtube Marketing Video

However not every video marketer who uses YouTube succeeds in getting the ROI they had expected, even if they had excellent content to display. These marketers miss out on some essential elements while posting the video. Here are some critical elements that should be a part of your next YouTube video for marketing –

– Add an introduction that stands out

A study by Visible Measures estimates that nearly one-fifth of viewers drop out of a video within 10 seconds if they do not like the content of the video. Thus, marketers need to create an excellent intro video to capture the attention of the viewers and make them view the entire video.

– Add an interesting video description

The description of a marketing video is as important as the video itself. Reason – People look for means to know more about you and your brand without the difficulty of searching for you manually. Good marketers often post links to the social media accounts of the brands and website of the brand in the description. Also, they ensure that the description is no longer than 5000 characters. They also add the links to other videos of their channel

– Add relevant but interesting thumbnail

Thumbnails for a video is like a cover to a book. Readers often decide whether to pick a book or not by judging the cover. Similarly, your chances of a user viewing your video spikes up when the thumbnails are interesting. However, ensure that you do not forcibly add interesting thumbnails that are completely irrelevant to the video. Click baits are one of the biggest enemies to a good marketer as it can turn off people from any other videos of yours.

– Add Keywords

Do a thorough keyword analysis before posting any marketing video. A study states that 72% of buyers do a Google search for researching at the top of the funnel. This gives a huge scope of possibility for brands to leverage SEO. In fact, as a primary step, find out the keywords that are ranking in the first page in the Google Search results and incorporate those keywords in your video title and description to rank higher in the search results.

– Add a shareable element

The content you post in the video should be worthy enough to be shared across multiple platforms by all the viewers. The video should be entertaining and educating, while subtly promoting your brand. This will encourage all your viewers to share the video with their friends and family. Thus your video can reach a wider audience than you had expected initially. Or you may add a deal to a video so that customer get an incentive to save money while purchasing.

– Add a relevant and engaging title

Like the thumbnails, the title of the video has a tremendous responsibility to encourage the viewers to click on it and view the video. The title should be short and at the same time descriptive on what is in store for the viewers when they start watching it. Ensure that the video title is not so long that it gets cut off while being displayed. Do not forget to include keywords and if possible hashtags into the title for SEO and searchability purposes.

– Add hashtags

Hashtags have become an integral part of every social media post these days. A hashtag can be added to a video either on the description or a title. Whenever hashtags are added, YouTube automatically converts them into a hyperlink. Clicking on these hyperlinks navigates a user to other videos that have the same hashtags. But you may wonder, why hashtags are added after all? The answer is simple, hashtags are added to improve the searchability of videos. When you add a hashtag, people from other videos of similar hashtags can reach your videos. Also, YouTube will recommend videos with hashtags to relevant users who are searching for that category of videos. Lastly. YouTube wants hashtags to be added mainly to prevent any sort of misleading and offensive content. But do remember to post only up to a maximum of 15 hashtags in your video. Anything more than that will be penalized by YouTube.

– Add end screens

Just like how an introduction is important to capture the attention of the user, an interesting end screen is important for nurturing the viewers down the marketing funnel. Include Call to Action such as visiting other videos in the playlist or subscribe to the channel at the end screen of the video, that will help the viewers to engage with your brand even after the video ends.


YouTube is an excellent channel for video marketing to build your brand awareness. However, just creating good content will not get your job done. There are myriads of other elements that need to be added to each and every video to make it more searchable and consumable. The eight points covered in this post are some of the top elements that you need to incorporate before publishing your next marketing video to see an improved ROI.