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Singer-Songwriter Jaida Dreyer Sings “Under Pressure”

Dreyer spoke about why she chose to record the song, saying, “I remember my last trip to Music Row to write before I started to self-quarantine and realizing things were about to change drastically. The weight of the situation was heavy for everyone in the room that day. On my drive home, my rough mix of the song came up and started to play through my truck speakers. I began to think about the tornado and the pandemic, and the pressure weighing on the Nashville music community as a result. I also started to think about the whole world, our healthcare workers, our leaders, all of us and began to cry. We are all under such extreme pressure with the uncertainty of life. I knew if there was ever a time to release this into the world, it was now. I pray through these hard times and hope that we all can gain a greater sense of community, realize what’s important in life, and understand that despite our differences, we are all connected. This is our chance to make the world a better place, forget the craziness, and love and care for one another.”


Chacal y Lenier se unen al dolor mundial que lucha contra esta pandemia de Covid-19. Hoy lanzan su tema y video musical de “Bésame”, que habla de la union, de decirle a tus seres queridos cuanto los quieres, habla de lo frágil que es la vida. El emotivo video musical blanco y negro, muestra imágenes impactante, alentadoras, y sobre todo un mundo que esta cambiando, humanidad que estamos viendo y entre el dolor, una luz de esperanza.

neumodel Share Debut LP ‘Rock’ Out Now On All DSP’s

French electronic duo, neumodel, have shared their debut Rock. Prior to the release of the record, neumodel shared three singles. Their third single, “Faster ft. AKA George” off of the upcoming LP and have received praise from EARMILK, Beats Per Minute, Flaunt and BlackBook. neumodel’s style has been recognized for their ability to combine radio-friendly pop sounds with subversive undertones. This, combined with their cohesive collaborations have catapulted neumodel into artists to watch.


Trouble, the Atlanta rapper born Mariel Semonte Orr, was 23 when he released his first mixtape, 2011’s December 17th. Propelled to street stardom with his breakout hit “Bussin'” and backed by local collective Duct Tape Entertainment, Trouble’s raw, unembellished rhymes were poised to make him his mark on the rich rap legacy of his city.

New Music: Trouble – ‘Medusa’ (Feat. Jeezy)

Prog Rock/Jazz Band ALGORHYTHM Release New Single ‘Earth’

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Algorhythm was formed by Alexander Lioubimenko (Keyboards, Vocals). Protégé of the previous Maestro of the USSR Sympho-Jazz National Orchestra Lawrence Djintcharadze, as well as a graduate from McGill University Schulich School of Music in Jazz Performance with distinction, Lioubimenko has the professional foundation and is as legitimate as it gets. When it comes to composing some of the most complex, reflective and groove based Jazz influenced music in the last decade, he has an ability to synthesize when combining a traditional sense of the Jazz genre with progressive rock. Algorhythm is an explorative vessel whose captain is Alexander Lioubimenko and is manned by his crew; Marc-Gabriel Laverrière (Guitar), Hugo Leclerc (Woodwinds), Marc Scott (Bass), and Gregory Kustka-Tsimbidis (Drums).

Otira Reinvents Rave On “Hardcore Sound” EP

As rave music mutates throughout history, Otira celebrates the genre’s past while simultaneously pushing it’s sound forward via his sophomore EP, Hardcore Sound. The six-track offering is a joyful journey through warehouses and fields, where fast-paced piano stabs and thrilling breakbeats, crescendo into timeless moments on the dancefloor.

“My inspiration for this EP was the early sound of Hardcore Rave music,” stated Otira. “I wanted to translate those old school vibes from the ’90s to be understood by the young ravers of the ’20s.”

The Legends share “Save Yourself (feat. Pernilla Andersson)”

Swedish mastermind Johan Angergård has released six albums and numerous singles under his The Legends moniker since the 00’s. He’s now working on his 7th album due later this year.

Baron Minker Gets Trippy and Political on His “Anthem of The Rich and The Bored” Video (V13.net)

“A complex song, “Anthem of The Rich and The Bored” is rather hard to describe, except to say that it is about as experimental as it gets. It has a trippy sound and vibe to it, which is reinforced by the colourful new music video. The sole purpose; however, is not to just make you feel like you’ve gone to a club and you’ve had way too much to drink. Thematically, it’s the only political-type song that you’ll find on Minker’s new record, directly targeting society’s elites who abuse power and view certain classes of people as only a means to an end or of lesser importance.” (V13.net)

Baron Minker Gets Trippy and Political on His “Anthem of The Rich and The Bored” Video [Premiere]


Gun40 is ready to tell his story. His latest single “Murder She Wrote,” out today, marks the closing of one chapter and the start of something totally new for the rising Dallas poet.

LA-Based Singer-Songwriter Lauren Rocket Joins The Substream Records Roster

Rocket’s label debut single is due out next month and an EP featuring a fresh collection of songs will be released this summer.

Lauren says “With Rattlesnake, I wanted to write a song about living life dangerously, doing what you want daily and enjoying your limited time here while imposing a strong belief in trying everything at least once. When I got in the studio with my co-writers Jason Bell and Jordan Miller (aka HEAVY) they totally got the vibe and concept and we kind of effortlessly weaved our way through the song. I wanted Rattlesnake to not only convey that lyrically, but I wanted it to feel alive (rattlesnakey) in a sense.”


“All You Can Do” follows the release of “Catherine Ames,” a much-needed slice of catharsis and sonic sunshine, inspired by Cathy Ames, the antagonist of John Steinbeck’s East Of Eden – a song about holding on to pain and anger as though they are part of your identity, and understanding that healing and moving forward takes time. Lead single “Oriole,” written after a recurring bout of insomnia about that moment when the sun begins to rise and the birds began to sing. “I thought it would be funny to ask the birds the questions that were keeping me up, since they were all unanswerable anyway,” Thomas has said. “When I set the words to music, I thought it would be fun to make the music sound…lively, like a 60s pop song with serious lyrics.”

Kidbug Share New Song “Dreamy,” Feat. Dale Crover

Kidbug offers their latest single, ‘Dreamy’, featuring guest musician Dale Crover (Melvins, Nirvana, Redd Kross).

A smattering of footage from mid-century education films, edited together by Kidbug’s Adam Harding, the band describes the video as “a 1950s dream of death-defying deeds and destruction.”

John Baumann to Release New Album, Country Shade

With a busy past few years, Texas-based John Baumann has steadily established himself as a promising songwriter within his home state and beyond its borders. Set for release on June 5, Baumann’s third album, Country Shade, offers a tried-and-true reverence for his influences, with his distinct viewpoint—largely focusing on comings and goings: of rural landscapes, friends, loved ones, relationships. Time.

The White Buffalo releases new album ‘On The Widow’s Walk’

Today, The White Buffalo (aka Jake Smith) has released his seventh studio album On The Widow’s Walk via Snakefarm Records. Smith’s songwriting and honest storytelling shines through on the new record. At its core, The White Buffalo is about engagement. The White Buffalo makes people laugh and cry. The White Buffalo is truth and wild imagination working together. The White Buffalo is Jake Smith – singer, songwriter, guitarist, teller of stories, Emmy nominee; an artist whose voice – a timber-shakin’ baritone of gravitas and gravel – seems directly linked to a greater truth;

Dead Girls Academy Premiere “This Is War”

Los Angeles, CA hard-rock band DEAD GIRLS ACADEMY is back with a brand new action-packed single and music video for “This Is War” –

After spending all of 2019 on tour across America and Europe, playing Festivals such as Epicenter as well sharing the stage with P.O.D. and more, the band entered the studio during off time to prepare the follow-up effort to ‘Alchemy’.

Diplo shares new track “Do Si Do” featuring Blanco Brown, country album out May 29

Diplo—who grew up in Daytona Beach, Florida—has long been incubating ideas for this country project, bringing it to the public for the first time at Stagecoach’s first ever Late Night dance party in 2019, where he welcomed Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus for the live debut of “Old Town Road.” Diplo also released his own remix of “Old Town Road” and appeared on stage at the 2020 Grammys for a performance of the #1 hit alongside Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, Mason Ramsey, BTS and more.


Vocalist Lucas Woodland had the following to say: “‘Birdcage’ is probably the most poppy track we’ve ever released as HA, and we’re really proud of the outcome. Working with Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon/Twin Atlantic/Don Broco) gave us the great opportunity to refine our sound in a way we’d not yet tried before, so the aim for this track was to make it as catchy and sleek as possible. We’re very happy with the outcome and can’t wait for people to get their hands on the double-sided picture disk!”

You’re stuck at home? ‘Sit and Listen’ to Jake Pinto’s new single

Sit and Listen is the debut single from Jake Pinto, a songwriter and producer based out of Brooklyn, NY. It’s fun song appreciating how words themselves sometimes dance when the right person speaks them.


Most recently, Sueco joined global superstars Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz Khalifa and Lil Yachty on the Take A Daytrip (Lil Nas X, Big Sean, YBN Cordae) produced record “Speed Me Up” for the major motion picture Sonic The Hedgehog. The blockbuster song boasts over 30 million streams and was accompanied by a star-studded music video which premiered during the MTV GRAMMY special broadcast.