‘Church Music’ performed by Music by Gestalt

As a solely instrumental track, Church Music is a wild ride. It starts off simple enough with a tame tempo. This, I think, reflects effortlessly on the title. Church is something quiet, understanding, and calm. But as the song continues, you can feel the energy heighten as the music speeds up and becomes much more intense. This also reflects on the theme of religion. The deeper one follows their faith, the stronger they become. So as the song grows, so does the listener’s feeling of elation and empowerment.

The pure talent and skill required to play a song like this on the piano is amazing. It is one of my favorite sounding instruments and the ease at which it is played here is incredible. You don’t just get to feel the emotion put into the song, but you experience it. There is a vibrancy on display for this track that is hard to come by. Many modern pianist that lean towards the more mainstream appeal do not always show this. In my experience, I have only found one other performer who shares this intensity for the instrument and uses it for their own work. Most of the time, it is pianist covering classical songs from Beethoven and his contemporaries.

I’m very impressed with Church Music. It is fairly refreshing to hear an instrumental track that is both so simple and elaborate. It can sometimes be difficult to convey the emotions and thoughts to the listener without lyrics. That’s why music like this is not mainstream. But, in my personal opinion, the mainstream crowd is missing out on wonderful, masterful talent and skill. At over six minutes, you don’t even notice the length because you are encased in the beauty of the music displayed here.


Written by PhantomAngel