Pastor Peter Unger Keeping You in our Prayers

“Many of us are struggling with ways to cope giving the restrictions of being home-bound. Walks, crafts, communicating through our cell phones and laptops are all great coping strategies. For the spiritually minded we might add meditation and prayer. The discipline of prayer not only connects us to the Divine ground of all being, it can connect us to each other. We are so used to focusing in our lives on what we have materialistically and what we have achieved in ways that bolster our status. When we pray for each other we are led by the Spirit to focus more on relationships founded and sustained in God’s saving love in Jesus Christ. We go from seeing each other and ourselves as objects worth loving only for what we have, to loving each other and ourselves, through the Spirit, first and foremost for whose and who we are. Rediscover the discipline of prayer and you might be led to re-value the joy of relationship in Christ’s love for its own sake. We might also discover a fulfillment which answers our deepest created needs as opposed to the fleeting and unsatisfying pleasures of acquired things.”

Blessings, Pastor Pete –