The Driver Era Get It Hot With “A Kiss”

The Driver Era have the party moving in sync to their latest romp “A Kiss” in their stage-commanding visual, premiering exclusively on Billboard.

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Brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch take the turbo-charged energy of the pop-rock single to the live setting in a pulse-pounding dance party. Shot in L.A.’s Peppermint Club, the duo packs the house for a visually engrossing, neon-tinged performance that matches the song’s irresistible melody and mesmerizing hooks.

Despite the lively audience and flashy production, the visual also captures an intimacy with the duo and lead actress Cindy Kimberly thanks to the personal touch from a close directing team composed of Ross, brother Ryland Lynch and Gordy De St. Jeor.

“‘A Kiss’ is the kind of music video you’d want to watch at a party. Both the song and the video have a sort of infectious almost-hypnotic energy that you can’t deny,” Ryland tells Billboard. “This theme is brought to life visually in the video; it really highlights the beauty in letting loose and losing control every once in a while. Anything that mattered before this moment is irrelevant.”