Empara Mi releases stunning mini-album ‘Suitcase Full Of Sins’

Empara Mi has released her mini-album Suitcase Full Of Sins today (March 27th) and to mark the release she has also shared a lyric video for new single ‘No More’.

Suitcase Full Of Sins showcases Empara Mi’s captivating artistic journey so far, and she premiered the music this week with The Fader who said, “Empara Mi’s Suitcase Full Of Sins plays out like an epic, choose your own adventure film… you have the opportunity to experience a soundtrack to one of the greatest films never made.”

The album opens with her highly acclaimed 2016 debut single ‘Wanderlust’, and as the tracks unfurl it demonstrates the stunning development of Empara Mi’s dramatic, ambitious and emotional musical direction uniting pop, hip-hop and R&B, with the songs ‘WYGD’, ‘Ditch’ and ‘Blood In The Water’.