Berlin’s – Robot, releasing the first single ‘Left Hand Man’

Robot is the alter ego of Berlin based British producer/musician Robbie Moore.

He also produces films of his building projects, and hosts a studio live stream twice a week, all of which can be found on his YouTube channel:

The opening track from the forthcoming album ‘Wedding Address’ (out 24.07.2020), ‘Left Hand Man’ sees Robbie Moore’s Robotic alter-ego screwdriving deeper than ever into the mind of his modern humanoid.

Lurching from sung verse to spoken word, the song’s hypnotic 5 chord dirge pulls us on to its bombed-out dancefloor and deep into a desperate trance.

Conceived and recorded as part of his ‘flow-writing’ method, ‘Left Hand Man’ makes peace with feelings of alienation in one’s art and identity, celebrates the cryptic details exposed under the artist’s microscopic lens and culminates in a brief tribute to his late friend and London ‘Lefthand’ bandmate Alan Wass.