Alt-pop trio STIIR release new single ‘Cityside’

North London trio, STIIR are set to release new single ‘Cityside’ on 25th March. At their core, Ruben, Benny, and Prem are a group of friends who want to make music and have a blast while doing so. ‘Cityside’ – taken from their forthcoming ‘Club Soda’ EP – is a blend of alt-pop, addictive melodies, and a warped drum sample taken from Prem’s extensive sample collection.

‘What we wanted to do was really genre hop throughout and I think if you listen to it you can really hear that. It’s all of the things that we like moulded into one!” – Says Ruben.

STIIR perfectly demonstrate the age-old idea that you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends, they have created an honest bond of brotherhood that pours out into their music. With the desire to shake pop down to its foundations, the boundary-less qualities of the genre is what allured them to it in the first place. Drawing inspiration from all corners, the band have been influenced by the likes of Tame Impala, The Beach Boys as well as Stevie Wonder.