Health Benefits of Dried Figs

Dried fruits offer a wide spectrum of health benefits. Especially among those are the Figs. The Figs are the earliest fruits man ever grew. Although Figs are not available throughout the year, but dried figs are. How often do you add Figs to your daily eating routine? You have to start consuming then for their amazing medical benefits. Following are the reasons dried figs deserve a spotlight position in your daily diet.

1 – Improve Digestion

Dried Figs are enriched with dietary fibers which helps keep the digestive tract clean as well as improving the process of digestion itself. This is all due to the laxative like effects of the dried figs.

2 – Help keep a healthy body weight

Dried Figs have a lower amount of calories, thus they make a great diet snack. Figs cut into thin slices and dried up, can make a chips like snack that’s hassle free and easy to consume. All the while helping you maintain your body weight.

3 – Prevents Hypertension

The level of sodium increases when eating more salt. This disturbs the sodium-potassium balance, which then results in Hypertension.

Dried Figs are great for restoring this balance since they contain a high amount of potassium with just a trace of sodium.

4 – Rich in Antioxidants

Dried Figs are rich in antioxidants even more than the natural figs. According to a study dried figs have a higher quantity if phenols, the Antioxidants, as compared to other fruits that contain antioxidants that are contained in Vitamins C and E.

Antioxidants detoxify the body and help remove any toxins that might have accumulated in it.

5Preventing Heart Disease

The rich antioxidant content contained in dried figs also helps eliminate free radicals. That can damage blood vessels, and can trigger heart disease.

Also some studies suggest that dried figs reduce triglycerides levels, which play a great role in heart disease

This improved muscle development and functioning thus preventing heart diseases and complications.

6 – Preventing Cancer

The antioxidant-rich dried figs can also help prevent cellular DNA damage due to free radicals that can produce dangerous cells.

7 – Strengthening Bones

Together with other foods that are rich in calcium, dried figs can improve bone density and strength. One dried fig consists of three percent calcium.

8 – Good for Diabetes

Dried Figs are reportedly good for people with Diabetes. But it is better to consult a certified medical practitioner before trying out any natural or herbal medication. Dried Figs do contain amounts of Sugar, thus making it necessary to ask for your doctor’s advice before doing anything that might have an adverse effect on your health.

9 – Cures Iron Deficiency and Anemia

Dried Figs contain Iron and thus help in treating Iron deficiencies. The amount if Iron in dried figs also helps the production of the oxygen carrying protein called Hemoglobin, which is primarily composed of Iron. In this way dried figs can help treat anemia.

10 – Improves Reproductive Health

Ancient Greeks used figs as an aphrodisiac. It was considered a sacred fruit, and was believed to have a relationship with fertility and love. Dried Figs are rich in minerals that improve reproductive health, e.g. Zinc, Magnesium and Manganese.