Amazing Facts About Topslotsnz

It is not as difficult as neurosurgery, far from it, but there are some words and expressions about slot machines that you should familiarize yourself with the Topslotsnz.

Multiplier symbol

The name of this symbol is understood by itself. Usual multiplier symbols have the primary function of triggering a profit that can be equal or multiplied.

For most slots, the prize multiplication is for each winning combination that completes the pay lines with the multiplier symbol.

The more pay lines you use, the more chance you have of winning combinations. Furthermore, wild symbols can also serve as prize multipliers.

The possibilities are numerous, and you can get a prize multiplied up to 4 times its original amount.

Reels or reels

The wheels on which the slot symbols prints. The reels spin, stop and display the spin result symbols.


A line is drawn on the front of the machine, indicating the position of each reel in which a particular symbol has to come out, for the combination to win a prize.

Paylines of the Topslotsnz corresponding to each combination usually shown in a paytable.

Prize table or paytable

A zone of the machine that shows a list of possible winning combinations, as well as the prize that corresponds to each mixture and the amount that must wager to get individual prizes, bonuses or jackpots.

In some slot machines you will see that there is a number that increases non-stop. Those machines are known as progressive slot machines. Below we describe them better.

Progressive Jackpot

A network of slot machines that are connected and contribute to a standard jackpot. A certain percentage of the bets placed on each of the machines goes to the jackpot.

When a player takes it, the jackpot starts again from a lower number, but rarely from scratch. The jackpot goes up and up until another bettor wins the prize and the cycle begins again.

Scatter symbols

Therefore, the slot machine tries to keep the player. Most likely, this is the calculation to “wait for a bonus, which was long ago.

“The more negative rotations a player receives, the more he will be confident that the bonus will appear soon”.

Precisely with this wait, the slot machine tries to stimulate the expectation with two scatter symbols.

Similar results obtain on other Netent slot machines.

Topslotsnz situation refers exactly to the fact that two scatter symbols are repeated several times in a small number of rotations.

Wild symbol

It is a symbol that can replace any other, in the style of wild cards in card games.

Almost in every slot, and in particular, those that work with several pay lines, there integrates the symbols called joker even the classic slot machines already have this type of symbols.

These are the symbols that ensure players more benefits and additional prizes. Sometimes these types of symbols can be combined with other “normal” ones.

On the other hand, the more wilds appear, the higher the prize. If all the wilds appear on each of the pay lines, it can assume that you have won the biggest pot.