Watch the music video for TATUM’s latest single ‘Fever’

Riding high off the success of her debut single ‘Broken’, TATUM’s second single ‘Fever’ sees her come out of 2020’s gate swinging, expertly reinforcing the singer’s unique alternative pop edge, ahead of the release of her debut EP.

The music video for ‘Fever’ is released today and video director, Matthew Levings explains the theme and concept for the video, saying “The opening lyrics ‘Lost kids in a lost highway’ and ‘Let’s ride the divine wind’ set up the initial story in my mind. Something that could swing from carefree to something sinister very easily. I imagined Tatum in a seemingly innocent and frivolous relationship. There is something sinister lurking behind the haunting vocal delivery and bare boned production of the song. There are moments of tension in the relationship, but also indicators that the character of Tatum might be split and she is seen isolated scenes. The farm was a perfect location for the vision, as Tatum herself reflects something more timeless and adventurous. The story of these lovers unfolds and nothing is explicitly shown, but we know that things go wrong and we’re left with a complete contrast from the opening carefree driving shots that we were introduced to. ‘How do I wake up when it all goes back?’”

The song’s melodic minimalism allows TATUM’s superb, shadowy vocal to stand at the forefront, while her weighty lyrics talk about the anguishing ambivalence of being in love with someone who is wholly destructive on every level.