Los Angeles producer/graphic designer Vijunns “Overlays”

On Monday, Los Angeles producer/graphic designer Vijunns shared a new music video for “Overlay” off his self titled LP ‘Vijunns’ and we partnered with Big Shot Magazine to bring you the premiere. “Raskin’s musical output is an intoxicating blend of warm electronica laden with ebullient synths, waves of atmospheric pads and bubbling melodies. It’s truly gorgeous stuff.” Big Shot writes for this visually stunning masterpiece.

“I worked with my friend, collaborator and VJ James Bishop on crafting this video. Out of all my friends, he knows my music the best as he’s helped me in the creation of the visuals set up for the A/V show. Originally when we were location scouting, we were looking at the super bloom in Anzo Borrego as a place to potentially shoot. The vibe wasn’t right, so he suggested we go find somewhere along the Salton Sea for a location. We both discovered Bombay Beach and we immediately knew that this town encapsulated the feeling of ‘Overlay.’ The feeling of desolation is highly present in the art as well as the urban decay happening at Bombay Beach. I wanted to have the staircase in the album art present at some point in this video. We were lucky to find that just down the road from Bombay Beach. Ivan Argote had his A Point of View installation at Desert X and we got his approval to shoot there.

“Celina Anderson (Cena Stardust) is the dancer seen in the video. She’s been a wandering performer and dancer at festivals all over the west coast including Lightning In a Bottle and Symbiosis Gathering. Her use of interacting with props as well as environments made her the perfect fit for this video. We wanted to invoke a character who was in a familiar but unknown setting exploring the landscape of Bombay Beach.”

-Jeremy Raskin, a.k.a. Vijunns