Brei Carter Shines On New Single ‘Smiling’

Watch out Country music world because Brei Carter is “Smiling” her way into the spotlight! Born in Monroe, Louisiana, this Southern belle has a brand new single that is sure to put a smile on your face. This singer/songwriter has a presence about her and on her latest song, “Smiling”, she is letting everyone know just who Brei Carter is.

And Brei Carter is a passionate and determined artist who has a powerful voice & message. As soon as you push play, the listener will be clapping along to the contagious beat. I am hearing a big ‘n’ bright sound on “Smiling” that just makes you feel good all around. It’s not all peachy roses for Brei Carter with the material on “Smiling” digging deep into human emotions. Brei keeps pushing along and will “keep smiling through the pain” proving that life is one giant emotional roller coaster. With Brei Carter’s positive spirit and perseverance, this musician is sure to come out on top with “Smiling”.


This track is full of promise as Brei Carter delivers a strong, heartfelt performance overall. With elements of soul & gospel, “Smiling” is just what country music needs today. What I truly loved about this song is that it had such feeling that grabs you and holds your attention. One should never sway away or get bored with Brei Carter’s new single because Brei has the perfect amount of charisma to push the song forward. It’s time to get “Smiling” on radio stations nationwide and keep the good vibes going! I have a funny hunch that Brei Carter will steal your hearts & ears with plenty more “Smiling” to come.

By Jimmy Rae (