FRANK IERO & THE FUTURE VIOLENTS Release “Basement Eyes” Video

In the midst of international sensationalism and associated chaos theory, (past, present, and future) Frank Iero has always found sanctuary in one place and one place alone. His basement.

Hot off the heels of some BIG announcements pertaining to his ‘other job’ and in “cellabration” of his most accomplished and successful work to date – the critically-acclaimed 2019 Steve Albini recorded double opus Barriers (out now via UNFD) Frank opened up his inner sanctum home studio to a camera crew in order to document a visual representation of the most personal track on the album: “Basement Eyes.”

A true look beyond the candelabra, the “Basement Eyes” video is a fascinating insight into the pscyhe and process that Frank utilizes in creating music. Featuring studio reels, recording notes, tape mixes and title boards from the actual recording of Barriers, the grainy “heart on the sleeve” celluloid also features never before seen documentation of Frank’s ever expanding collection of instruments, guitars, pedals and most importantly fan art gifted to him over the years that adorns the walls of his home.

Photo credit: Mitchell Wojcik