8 Reasons Why Polished Concrete Floors Are Better Than Normal Flooring

So, if you are thinking about renovate your home and confuse about should you polish concrete or not? Then we must look out this. Here, we will show you the best debate against polished concrete and normal flooring.

If we talk about recent times, polished concrete is known as the best solution for both office and house. Moreover, it is the best solution to keep the flooring more durable and stain free. It has eye-soothing properties that are light-resistant and give you a smiley face. Today, many people moving to the polished flooring because of its advantages. So, let us go deeper and find out what polish concrete is and how does this helpful.

What is the Polish Concrete?

It is heavy-duty polish work that used for making the surface smooth and shiny. On the grinding tools, the polish works superbly to add desired shine and smoothness to the surface as well as the lighting effect. Well, it’s all up to the customer whether he wants to make it lighter or darker. The polish type and consistency all depend on user choice.

This has been used for a long time in various articles. This gives an extremely high-gloss finish that betters the surface and gives extra-ordinary look.

The top benefits of having polished concrete

The benefits of polished concrete are superb than simple flooring. By considering all the factors, modern technology has used the transforming concrete that betters the surface and makes it smoother as well as attractive. There are many more benefits which you should look upon:

1. Boost Durability
One of the best advantages of polishing concrete, it increases the high durability that stands out your floor unique. With the use of modern assets, polish became strong that controls the heavy traffic and protect your floor from the damage. It is pretty much a good technique because it also protects your floor from scratches.
2. Increase its life-span
The yet another benefit you will explore that it increase the life-span of the floor, which means it lives up to 10 years without any damage. Well, it is a long-lasting technique that betters your investment, or if it is maintained properly this may increase the time than of wooden or normal flooring.
3. Highly Affordable
For any housemaker, it is an affordable flooring technique that stays long at less cost. People are switching to polished flooring just because it offers high durability at a cost-effective method. Well, there is a need to check, the durability varies on the choice you are opting for whether it is just for slab or for the whole.
4. Low maintenance
Once the concrete is polished you do not need to invest so high to maintain its texture. All you need to clean it regularly by mopping and sweeping to protect it from the dirt and unwanted issues. If the flooring is of the mirror then keep it more protective by mopping it carefully along with deep cleaning. With this, you will ensure the glass will not break and stay for a long time.
5. Can use with heating floor
The yet another advantage you will get from polished concrete is that this floor can be used with a floor heating system because it has great thermal conducting properties that work well with the floor.
6. Has no use of chemicals
It is eco-friendly and low-cost floor types that just better your floor and also keeps your house safe on the top. It has no use of dangerous chemicals and hazards while marinating or manufacturing it. It is something which you should pay for and yes without stress.
7. Creates a cool atmosphere
House owners mainly focus on the healthy and cool environment of the house and that’s why polished concrete became the first choice. It has light-refractive properties that directly save electricity and keep your home attractive always.
8. No risk of physical damage
As compared to the wooden or brick floor, the risk of physical damage is zero at the polished concrete floor. The floors are made up of ADA and OSHA standards that usually eliminate the dust and make your home airy and refresh all the day.

Do you think a polished concrete floor is a smart choice?

It is smart and economical for everyone. It is best than other flooring types as it best for both marketable and domestic purposes. The cost of regular per square floor is highly affordable that can impress anyone who will visit your place.

Some good tips to maintain the polished concrete for a long time

After all, you have invested so you need it to stay long as much as possible. Thus, we have shared smart tips that can help to increase the durability of the floor.

• Do regular cleaning

One of the major tricks to improve the shine, durability, as well as the finish of the floor is to keep it clean. If that area is receiving enough traffic all day then it becomes vital to clean it two times a day.

• Choose quality products

Whether it for cleaning or decoration motive, make sure you have opted for the best products that never damage the quality of the floor. Make your decision wisely while choosing between manual or automatic cleaning services.

• Avoid the use of harsh chemicals

You can apply wax to the floor that boosts durability and shine, but here you need to check the wax you are using is guaranteed.