Early Eyes Sign with Epitaph + Share “I’m Enough”

Electrifying Minneapolis indie-pop band, Early Eyes, have signed to Epitaph Records. “I cannot believe how supportive, kind, wise, thoughtful, and caring Epitaph has been throughout this whole process,” says vocalist Jake Berglove. “It’s an honor to be welcomed into this badass and beautiful community of artists. We’re so unbelievably, passionately, and earnestly thankful to everybody who has supported us thus far.”

In 2016, Early Eyes came to life on a Minneapolis college campus. Though the band originally started as a hobby, they have since become so much more. Early Eyes have established themselves in the Twin Cities with their catchy, energetic, and soulful sound, which has led to local venue First Avenue naming them one of the Best New Bands of 2017 and Minneapolis City Pages nominating them for Best New Band in 2018. They have released three EPs: Minutes (2017), Decorating (2018), and All Shades of Teal (2018).