Sarah Mary Chadwick shares new single ‘Let’s Fight’

Sarah Mary Chadwick is sharing the wonderfully upbeat yet lyrically downtrodden single ‘Let’s Fight’ from her upcoming Please Daddy LP due out January 24th on Sinderlyn Records.

“The unyielding motivation in Hill’s music,” Nat Hentoff writes in the liner notes to pianist Andrew Hill’s 1965 record Point of Departure, “is his desire to keep finding out who he is and to make his music out of that deepening knowledge.” Hentoff, Hill and liner notes are all dead, but it seems as though with some kind of spectral prescience they were summing up Sarah Mary Chadwick’s project, which takes place, seated at a piano, a half century later.

Well I’m watching from the outside
Feet frozen in the ice
Gotta wait till the sun shines
But what if that sun never shines
At fifteen couldn’t shake the feeling
Life would never let my tears dry
And it’s never let my tears dry
The only time that I was right

Oooh I can’t see the light
Oooh I won’t let you sleep let’s fight
Until I feel alright

I’d talk about my friends but I can’t see them
I don’t who there are
But I can see footprints
And tyre tracks from some car
Now that some family’s back it’s got
They left when I was hurt
‘Cause whenever I’m drowning
They disappear like fireworks

Oooh don’t touch me I’m alight
Oooh I wont let you sleep let’s fight
When will I feel alright?
Will I feel it?
Oooh I’m not coming home tonight
Oooh when I walk in we better fight
‘Cause I dont feel alright
me thinking