How To Organize A Cannabis Event

With an influx of business in the cannabis industry, organizing and hosting cannabis events has never been more lucrative. Sure, showing off a host of new and innovative technologies and increasingly diverse strains is incredibly fun, but the process of planning can be a challenge.

Event planning for the cannabis industry requires some extra considerations. In this article, we’ll go over a few tips that you should incorporate in your event organizing process.

Build Your Value

The first step is to identify your purpose in this event. What are your attendees going to get out of it? Get excited about your event. You may choose to have a networking-focused event or B2C cannabis parties.

B2B Cannabis Events.

If your audience is targeting other businesses, try to add a selling point other than the cliched “networking opportunities.” Make sure that your organization has a solid reputation or at least the infrastructure to gain one.

According to kusheo, your website and brand should be aggressive, rigorously tested, and maintained according to algorithm updates and best practices. Use this as a launching pad to make a name for yourself in this highly competitive sector.

There are significant conferences in the industry, so look for targeting a smaller, niche audience. Get specific with it. Do you want to bring together growers, investors, tech specialists, or retailers? The more pin-pointed your purpose, the easier it’ll be to attract a crowd.

B2C Parties

For your customers, a cannabis event is an opportunity to share the appreciation of the plant. Your B2C party is not only a chance to get direct feedback, but it is also a chance for some competition and exposure. Focus on the value that your event will bring to the market.

Start Planning ASAP

You can’t hold a legitimate cannabis event that was spontaneous or planned last-minute. Most states and other jurisdictions with legalized recreational or medical marijuana have specific rules when it comes to functions.

For example, California’s Cannabis Code Section 561(d) requires that organizers submit an application to host a cannabis-related event at least 60 days before the scheduled event. The application process is not easy, and you’ll have to provide a list of all licensees that will be providing any onsite sales of cannabis goods.

You’ll want to have a finalized collection of vendors and give yourself a grace period just in case there are any hiccups. This list is one of the most crucial factors and has the potential to throw off your entire planning.

When you’re drafting your vendor list, make sure that they’re duly licensed as either a microbusiness or a retailer. The event organizer has the responsibility to thoroughly vet everyone.

Know The Rules

Each jurisdiction that you’re planning on hosting your event is entitled to impose any requirements that they feel necessary, no matter how stringent. Do your research and know the local rules.

A cannabis event license requires written approval from the local jurisdiction. In California, these rules are particularly stringent when it comes to the venue. Cannabis events must be held at a country fairground or a site approved by the district agricultural association event.

There is a common misconception that cannabis events will attract a rowdy crowd. For this reason, the event cannot be held anywhere that has a license for alcohol and tobacco.

Have an ID System On Lock

No matter where you are located, all cannabis goods sales and compensation have some minimum age. In the US states, this age is 21. Some jurisdictions require that attendees must be 21, but others merely restrict cannabis consumption areas.

Should someone underage purchase cannabis at an event, you as the organizer will be held equally as accountable as the vendor. Make sure you make room for security in your budget and a full-proof method for checking the validity of IDs.

The Verdict

If you want to have a safe and awesome cannabis event. You’ll want to make guests and vendors feel special. Surprise them with an experience that is authentic and exclusive; they’ll love it.

Once you throw one party or conference, you’ll find that the organization process will get more comfortable and more streamlined. People will start talking about how great of a time it was, and the word will start spreading. With guests posting on social media, you’ll get some free and organic publicity.

Happy planning!