Garage Warmer Safety Tips

Purchasing a garage warmer is one thing. Knowing how to use it safely and the proper protocol to follow is another. Not to worry, because we’re going to provide some garage warmer safety tips that will ensure you don’t put yourself or your garage in harm’s way.

If you plan on not being in the garage for a while, then make sure you shut off the garage heater

The only exception to this rule would be if you were taking a quick trip to the bathroom and coming right back. But if you intend on leaving the house altogether, even for a short period of time, then it’s a good thing to shut off the heater. Plus you would just be wasting energy anyway if you left it on while you weren’t there.

If the unit isn’t mounted to something, then put it on a strong and stable surface

You want to avoid the possibility of a garage heater getting knocked to the ground. So this is going to require you to find a strong and stable surface to place it on. You would also prefer for the space to be dedicated, meaning you don’t want there to be much of anything else on it.

Be sure to have a decent amount of space around your garage heater

If the unit isn’t mounted, then you want to be sure there isn’t anything in your way that can cause you to slip or bump into it. If you accidently bump into a garage heater, then this can lead to burning, shock or bruises.

Make sure any materials that are flammable are kept a safe space away from the heater

You want to put away materials such as paint, various flammable liquids, solvents as well as gasoline for starters. You also want to be sure that any form of clothing is kept away from the heater as well as curtains, blankets and even paper items. All of these items have the potential to catch fire if they are too close.

Be sure that any intake of exhaust vents aren’t blocked

When the intake or exhaust vents for a garage heater become blocked for any reason, then this can increase the likelihood of malfunction issues and even cause a fire. They need to be clear at all times.

Be sure to only make use of the garage heater for the primary reason you purchased it

This means if you want to heat your garage, then heat your garage. Don’t attempt to use it as a means to dry items. There are people who have done this and it isn’t safe at all.

Before you have to do any sort of cleaning, be sure to disconnect the unit from whatever power source it relies on

Not only this, but you’ll want to make sure that you pay careful attention to the instruction manual that came with the unit. Follow it to the letter and make sure you don’t cut corners. Proper maintenance will ensure a long lasting unit that continues to function properly.

If there’s an issue with the unit, then don’t try to make a modification or fix by yourself

It’s always a better idea for you to have a service professional help you with any mechanical issues a garage heater might have. Yes, this may cost some money to do, but as long as it’s done right it can be a good investment versus having to purchase another one.

You’ll keep yourself safe as well as your garage and everything in it if you follow these garage warmer safety tips for your garage heater. It’s all about not putting yourself at risk or the unit. Additional safety information will likely be included with the garage heater you were to purchase as well.