How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, the tiny, brownish creatures, may enter your home through clothes, luggage, used bed covers, couches, and other items. These tiny creatures may hide in small hidden spots and bite you while you are sleeping. As their source of living in the blood of its host, it bites you, your family members, and your pets and cause itching and redness on the skin. This is, probably, the irritating creature you may detect in your bedroom. so, if you inspect bed bugs in your house, you can follow certain methods to get rid of these bugs. Home remedies are effective; side by side you can hire a team of professionals to effectively handle it. Several methods can be used to kill bed bugs.

These methods are:

Heat treatment
Steam treatment
Chemicals can also be used

“Prevention is better than cure”

Make sure to take measures to prevent bed bugs from entering your home. So, you may not be uneasy with their presence in the future. Some of the preventive measures to prevent bed bugs are as follows:

Avoid Bed bugs while traveling:

If you are traveling, either locally or oversees, it’s most important to avoid having bed bugs. The risk of picking bed bugs is highly possible when you sleep on a stranger bed. Make sure not to bring bed bugs to your home by following these security measures:

During Travelling:

• Try to avoid putting your luggage on the floor and the bed. It’s better to place your luggage on a shelf or a stand
• Check the local bed properly before sleeping. You can inspect a bed bug, effectively, by watching blood spots, molted skin, and black specks, etc.
• Try to avoid a filthy place. On the other hand, a clean space is preferable.

When reaching home:

• When you reach home make sure to:
• Immediately wash your clothes
• Dry your clothes on high heat, so that bugs may kill if there any
• Do not directly take your luggage to your living room
• It’s better to place your suitcase in the garage.
• It is highly recommended to remove your clothes and have a bath before going to bed.
• Properly vacuuming your suitcase might give you a higher level of satisfaction.
You can even pick a bed bug while staying in a five-star hostel and even from a one-star hotel. If you find that you have bed bugs don’t even feel ashamed.

Use of Airbnb:

Use of Airbnb may prevent you from having a bed bug. It is especially suitable for those who travel mostly and to multiple cities. These people need to stay in different places and might have a high probability to get a bed bug. Airbnb helps you to prevent bed bugs from entering your home.

Preventive measures on mattresses:

• Mattress encasements are always helpful to prevent bed bugs.
• Make sure to employ active guard liners to avoid bed bugs.
• Bed bugs traps can also be used to avoid bed bugs effectively.
• In case you inspect any bug, hire a pest professional team who kills bed bugs by following any method like bed bug heat treatment.

Protecting your home from bed bugs:

Bed bugs may start increasing their population quickly. Preventive steps may be taken to kill them before they reproduce it is easier to avoid bed bug than treating full infestation room.

Important steps in this aspect are:

• Residual treatment should be used in walls
• Residual treatment should be employed on bed covers
• Make sure to use bed traps
• Mattress encasements are also helpful
• An annual inspection is also helpful in this regard
• Employ active guard liners to avoid bed bugs