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New release: Weed & Dolphins – High (single & video)

Little is known about Weed & Dolphins, but the Belarusians have the reputation of being “underground” and “crazy”. They absolutely make that happen in High. The song is about trying to get away from pressure by using illegal substances, getting trapped in an illusionary world, losing your way and staying there forever.

Marques Martin “Hailey”

The Maryland born artist’s last drop of 2019 brings an urgent, crunching instrumental – a stark, dark foundation to his wisecracking, bloodily personal brand of lyricism. Yet another example of his thrillingly free, experimental style anchored by a natural affinity to melody.

LA’s Human Barbie Share Single & Video – ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’

“a subtle, understated but effective piece of lofi indiepop. It’s honest. slow-paced, but has meticulously poised progressions, and feels like a state of numbness versus an inner turmoil that is restrained and drawn back each time it suggests going somewhere. Sheer beauty.” – Fadeawayradiate

Video: Rod Wave – “Misunderstood”

Rod Wave can pack a lifetime’s worth of deep feeling into a two-and-a-half minute trap ballad. Opening up about his conflicted relationship with fame, Rod shares “Misunderstood,” his new music video. Alternating growling rhymes and floating melodies, Rod reflects on his tumultuous past, including the death of his beloved aunt, and laments the public’s inaccurate belief that fame and fortune solves all personal problems: “It be hard to believe that I made it this far/Made it when it was rainin’, boy, that sh*t done left me scarred.” In the video, Rod cruises around a Florida neighborhood in his brand new Beamer and his Audi convertible, stopping to take pictures with fans and to observe his surroundings. “Misunderstood” is the second single to come out in the wake of Rod’s smash hit Ghetto Gospel album, following the successful video for “Dark Clouds” (7.6 million YouTube views).

Cable Ties signs to Merge, shares “Tell Them Where to Go”

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Merge’s 31st year is absolute fire right out of the gate. In addition to new albums from Destroyer, TORRES, and Caribou, we’re psyched to add Australia’s Cable Ties to the Merge mix. A new album will be announced in early 2020, but for now, stop what you’re doing and dive right in with the ferocious and empowering “Tell Them Where to Go.”

Single: Smokepurpp – “What I Please” ft. Denzel Curry

Shaping his blunt-force witticisms into declarative bursts, Smokepurpp attracts crowds with his impish charm. Whetting fans’ appetites with a wild-eyed banger, Purpp shares “What I Please,” his latest single. Produced by KBeazy, Mike Hector, Quad Beats, and OJ, “What I Please” is a gleefully rude ode to self-actualization, as Purpp rattles off outlandish boasts and sneers at anyone who tries to stop him from doing exactly what he wants: “B*tch, I’m a bat…uh/F*ck Instagram, we don’t do none of that/You got a show, we pop out where you at/Let ’em get rowdy, six shots in his back.” The track features an appearance from Denzel Curry, Purpp’s fellow South Florida native, who turns in a mind-bending, double-time verse. “What I Please” is the latest single from Deadstar 2, Purpp’s highly-anticipated new project, releasing on December 13th via Alamo/Interscope.

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS Releases Video & Single “A Life Of Our Own”

Today, pioneers of symphonic metal VISIONS OF ATLANTIS have released the fourth single off their chart-breaking album, Wanderers (#17 UK, #30 US, #39 DE), along with a beautifully conceptualized lyric video. “A Life Of Our Own” takes you on an atmospheric journey and straight into the band’s unique symphonic blend of solidity and smoothness.

The sonorously powerful track reveals the labyrinthine path towards self-determination and illuminates a gleam of love and hope in dark and stormy times. The outstanding symbiosis of Clémentine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli’s vocals accompanied by breathtaking soundscapes will guide you through the deep valleys of the untamed seas and the harsh cold of the winter season, and also give courage to lost souls around the world.

Katie Pruitt’s original holiday song “Merry Christmas, Mary Jane” premieres today

Reflecting on the song, Pruitt shares, “I wrote ‘Merry Christmas, Mary Jane’ on Christmas Eve at my parents’ house when I was home from college. I was feeling pretty lonely, a lot of my friends had moved away and I was fighting with my parents. I really just wanted to smoke some weed. I couldn’t find any, so I just wrote a song about it instead.”

Lil Lotus Signs to Epitaph Records + shares “Never Get Away” music video

Epitaph Records is proud to announce the signing of rapper, singer, songwriter, Lil Lotus. A pioneer of the emo rap genre Lotus emerged in 2017 with his influential Body Bag EP (featuring GothBoiClique collective members and friends Cold Hart and Nedarb).

Lil Lotus explains, “Once I got sober, I realized a lot of the problems I was dealing with when I was coping with drugs were surfacing even more, I felt like I could never get away. Dealing with anxiety and relationships magnified everything.”