A Beginner’s Guide to Storing Instruments and Finding Practice Space

You’ve purchased your instrument, you’ve signed up for lessons, and you’re ready to turn your musical dreams into reality. Unfortunately, the life of a musician isn’t all glitz and glamour; you might spend just as much time caring for your equipment as you do playing it. These tips will help you take care of your instrument and find a place where you can practice in peace and quiet.

Choose a Durable Case
The easiest way to ruin your instrument is to leave it out of its case. A good case will keep your instrument in the correct position and protect it from dirt, moisture, and minor impacts.

Many instruments come with a storage case that’s designed to perfectly fit the instrument. If you need to buy a new case, look for one with a hard surface and a soft interior. Fabric cases weigh less, but they also offer significantly less protection.

Lock Your Instrument
Musical instruments are more prone to theft than they should be. Add a lock to your instrument case to prevent strangers from getting inside. If you have to leave your instrument unattended, consider using a bike lock to keep it chained down. Most locks only come with one key, so use a key duplication service to make a copy that you can leave at home. That way, you’ll always have access to your favorite activity.

Choose Regular Practice Hours
As a future artist, you ideally want to practice your craft at home or in a space that you’re comfortable with. Your family and neighbors won’t mind you practicing if you do so during reasonable hours. Plan to practice sometime between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm. Practice at the same time of day so that the people around you will know when to expect a little extra noise.

Find Soundproof Rooms
If you can’t practice your instrument at home or at a friend’s house, look for soundproof options around your community. Many schools, rec centers, and office complexes have soundproof meeting rooms that you can use if you call ahead. Some places rent their spaces, while others offer them for free. It might seem strange to practice in front of a conference table, but you’ll definitely get time to play.

Rent a Storage Facility
If your entire band needs a space to practice, try renting a unit at the local storage facility. These spaces have decent acoustics and virtually no incidental listeners. Make sure to check with management before you sign the contract; some facilities may not be okay with this use of their space.

Becoming a musician takes a lot of work; but if you keep at it, you’ll soon find yourself with an amazing skill set. Take care of your instrument, find a great practice space, and never give up on your dream.