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Titans in both the dance music and Latin music worlds have joined forces to close out the year with a hot, party-starting new record…and the result is absolute dynamite. Bringing the rhythm are DJ Mag Top #1 DJs in the world and acclaimed producers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Dutch Buma International award-winning producers Afro Bros. On the vocals, internationally acclaimed superstar , 5x Latin Grammy nominee , recent American Grammy nominee and the most successful Latin Pop breakout artist in recent times with over 8 billion views and 5 billion streams across all his hits, Sebastian Yatra joins forces again with Colombian multi Latin Grammy nominee Camilo, artist and songwriter/producer behind hit records such as “Sin Pijama” (Becky G), “Pa Dentro” (Juanes) and more, next to his own international smash “Tutu” with Pedro Capó & the remix by Shakira, as well as vivacious Argentinean singer, composer, musician and dancer Emilia, who after starting her artist career on the right foot, recently comes from releasing a hit single called “No Soy Yo” along with Darrell. These three South American talents lend the song their unforgettable vocals and you’re going to want to sing along to every time you hear the tell-tale horns of the intro.

Unbroken Expanse – ‘Go’ Single & Video

From top to bottom, Unbroken Expanse take life and it’s fleeting opportunities seriously. Driven to take the necessary steps, their new single Go is an empowering rock anthem that just doesn’t quit.

‘During the writing of Go my partner, Jess, was days from giving birth to our son, Elvis… His impending arrival made me think more and more about how his generation will need to connect with each other more than any generation before it… the song is a message to him, and to all of us, to maintain a progressive, positive view of the world as often as we can. To move forward. To Go.’ – Wheezy (Singer, guitarist and songwriter)


“‘Proud’ perfectly describes what I’ve felt since I moved to L.A. on my own, away from all of my family – after everything that we’ve been through,” says Aaron Carpenter. “In 2015, I lost both my stepbrother and stepdad. They were both such big supporters and motivators of me pursuing my passion along with the rest of my family. I hope that ‘Proud’ resonates and helps people the same way that it’s helped me!”

Aaron Carpenter -Proud

New video – Lil James Tucker “Nice Things”

James Tucker is an actor, comedian, author, rapper and internet phenomenon also known as Lil James Tucker. Born in 2013 and bearing the name of two of his great grandfathers, it seems that Lil James has inherited their spirit as well as their name. Often referred to as an old soul his communication will often have you laughing from his verbal dialogue as well as his theatrical delivery.

Infinite Eve Releases New EP The Story on November 29, 2019

Infinite Eve dropped their addictive debut EP The Story on all digital platforms today, making an epic splash in the Rock scene with thematic melodies, and lyrics everyone can get sad to.

The EP has something most inner alternative and hard rock kids desire. Vibes include, but are not limited to, pop/rock/alternative, heavy, ballad, ethereal, and even heavy metal undertones woven throughout. It’s the album to keep on repeat, giving a new edge to modern rock.

NO TE VA GUSTAR Presents Their Last Single “POCO”

NoTeVaGustar bids farewell to the album celebrating their 25th anniversary, Otras Canciones, with a final single titled “Poco” alongside the talented Draco Rosa.

“Poco” is a track that works as a perfect example of the overall essence of the album. The band embarked on a reinterpretation of their own original songs, transforming them to a new identity – especially in those songs where stellar guest musicians participated in. This is the case of “Poco”, where Draco Rosa’s brilliant vocal interpretation adds to the delicate new arrangements and completely transforms the atmosphere of the song – renovating it radically from its original version.


Following the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the launch of the fastest growing song at Alternative Radio – “The Best” – the first single off their upcoming album, AWOLNATION has readied even more new music for fans from their forthcoming release. The latest is a new song, “California Halo Blue,” out everywhere now via Better Noise Music.


Sorry You Were Saying includes features from Blanco, Kinshasa and Master Peace, the mixtape features everything that makes Sam one of the most talked about British artists of late; witty storytelling, impeccable flows and a fluid approach to genre and tone. Additionally, Sam joined forces with designer Jobe Burns (of Concrete Objects) to create the artwork for the mixtape. Taking inspiration from the structure of tribal African masks, the duo created a sculptural time capsule of Wise as an animated resin sculpture.

SERENITY Releases New Single & Official Video for “Set The World On Fire”

SERENITY has just released their addictive first single, “Set The World On Fire”, along with an official music video, which takes the listener to the age of the Holy Roman Empire of The Last Knight, Maximilian I.

“Whoever prepares no memorial for himself during his lifetime has none after his death and is forgotten along with the sound of the bell that tolls his passing” – Maximilian I.

SERENITY’s “Set The World On Fire” follows in the Emperor’s footsteps, building a memorial with a thrilling story of times long ago, catchy melodies and an unprecedented spectrum of sound that will inspire fans to listen over and over again. The full-sounding guitar-riffs of Chris Hermsdörfer (git. Beyond The Black) and the impressive voice of frontman Georg complete the song to a true revelation. SERENITY unmistakably announces that a new Empire has just begun!

Caroline Blind Premieres Need to Say on CVLT Nation

“Need to Say” is Caroline Blind’s second offering of her upcoming album The Spell Between, due out in February 2020. This new dark and atmospheric composition premiered today on CVLT Nation, and comes a month after the release of “God Damn The Sun,” an homage to the classic Swans hit. “Need to Say,” sounds delicate and ethereal; it features Rich W. of The Wake in guitar and bass, and it was produced, mixed and mastered by Gordon Young.

Listen to the chilling dark folk anthem “Need To Say” by Caroline Blind


Joshua & The Holy Rollers Release “What You Need”

Los Angeles-based rockers Joshua & The Holy Rollers have released “What You Need”, the lead off single from Patience, an all-new EP set to be released on December 6, 2019. The heavy-hitting new single is available on all streaming and digital music platforms.

Explore the dark corners of electro/alt-rock band LOWBORN with new single + video “Dark Inside”

It’s well past Halloween and Christmas cheer has started to approach, but electro/alternative rock band LOWBORN is delving into downward spirals and digging up demons instead. The video for “Dark Inside” pulls from “The Blair Witch Project” with haunting, dark rooms and shadows, and a similar “first-person found footage” style. As vocalist Wes Lauterbach stumbles through an ominous abandoned house he finds his bandmates performing in trances as he is grabbed by hands that don’t belong to anything human. While the music video provides a haunting chill and LOWBORN’s multiple-member-drumming staple that we all know and love, the single itself is an insane execution of LOWBORN’s ability to write and produce smash rock hits that can’t be compared to any another band.

Zikai – Do You Love Me Still?

“The song Is about the consequences of taking someone for granted, in a relationship in my case. I started writing it from my point of view but it seemed like the writing process became a better therapy for me if I tried to interpret the emotions and feelings of the guy I once loved. The words naturally came to me when I changed the perspective.

I wrote the song less than two weeks ago, posted a snippet on my instagram from the demo and the response was so amazing. I decided to be spontaneous n release it without a whole label release plan like my other songs had and am so proud to get it out there.”