Gabe Lee Releases Sad and Sarcastic “Christmas Day”

Gabe Lee is known for songwriting that subtly details the intricacies of situations, with slow-moving tempos that often find him inhabiting voices of characters wrestling with internal and external struggles. His latest single, “Christmas Day” is no exception. The song, out today, finds Lee telling a tale of a man on the run — juxtaposing a warm, classic hallmark Christmas with nature’s brisk version. The Boot says it’s an “antidote to the seemingly endless canon of positive, upbeat Christmas songs.”

“The Christmas experience changes so much as we grow up,” Lee says. “A heavy nostalgic, I am happily inspired by the almost painfully distant memories of the holiday, simultaneously wishing to relive them but also glad to have broken away from that particular sort of innocence. Writing ‘Christmas Day’ is a way to share my own bittersweet feelings about more than just a holiday. It’s really a confession of sorts, allowing me to step into a character that is plagued with resignation.”