July Presents Video For ‘Catalina’

In July 2019, the R&B singer July put out his song “Catalina”. It is a song that is sure to please the listening tastes of R&B fans, and generally anyone who enjoys songs about having a good time.

What immediately sticks out is the beat, an electronic sequence that is showcased by itself at the beginning of the song. It sets the mood as a song that will be fun, while also having a laid-back tone. The beat plays throughout the song, particularly in the chorus before coming in by itself again in the final 20 seconds of the song.

“Catalina” is about a girl that the narrator enjoys being around, particularly in a party setting. This is shown through lyrics such as the opening of the chorus: “Catalina/She’s a diva/Catalina/Party pleaser”. The melody of the lyrics is simple and catchy, making it easy to remember the chorus after only one listen.

Additionally, the production allows the lyrics, melody, and beat to come together to produce a high-quality song. It has the right amount of bass and perfectly blends everything together so as not to drown out anything. The vocals are the most prominently-featured component of the song, but that is not to take away from the effectiveness of the beat.