Looking to Share Your Music Online? 4 Tips for Song Writers to Showcase Their Talent

Thanks to the internet, musicians are able to get their music out to the world instantly. With platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube, Tidal and more, it’s easier than ever for these performers to connect with fans and clients. While songwriters can take advantage of some of these platforms, many have to be a bit more creative to profit from their talents online. Read on for four strategies songwriters can use to share their music with others.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog may not be as lucrative for songwriters at first, but a blog will help musicians share their music directly with all their followers through regular blog posts on their website. As their readership improves, songwriters cans start monetizing their blogs using affiliate marketing and ads on their site. Additionally, they can link to their stores to promote their songs. This way, they can make money while writing about what they love.

Sell Sheet Music

Songwriters that are searching for multiple ways to generate income shouldn’t discount selling sheet music. While it may be a very niche industry, many aspiring musicians and professional performers download sheet music on a regular basis. Songwriters hoping to share their music more effectively should be sure to offer their sheet music for sale through their website or similar sites that allow customers to purchase and download sheet music.

Study Others Online

Another source of income for songwriters hoping to share their music with the world is studying what others share online. Through video courses or live steaming lessons, songwriters learn more about playing music and better understand how to create it. If you write music for instruments but don’t play an instrument yourself, or have never had formal training, consider taking lessons yourself. After enrolling in singing or private guitar lessons, you’ll be better equipped to meet your new clients’ needs.

Offer Copywriting Services

Copywriting is another option for songwriters hoping to share their talents. Signing up with sites like Fiverr and Upwork will help connect songwriters with clients in need of copywriting or ghostwriting services. Similarly, you can offer copywriting services through your website, which will help you build a loyal clientele of dedicated customers.

Songwriters must be sure to leverage the internet to grow their businesses. If you’re hoping to share your music with more people, be sure to try these strategies yourself.