Dan Ashley Gets It Right On “What Really Matters”

As a news anchor for ABC7 in the Bay Area, Dan Ashley constantly reports on the events going on around him. From hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, to presidential primaries and conventions, to every conceivable news event, Dan has been there covering the story. But, until now, he’s never had the chance to report on how the news events he’s witnessed have affected him personally, and his family and friends. Until now. Through music, of course. Dan Ashley and his band’s music is all about life experiences; they are the best storytellers of joy, heartbreak, love, loss, and shared humanity.

The band consists of an arrangement of accomplished touring musicians. The country-rock group headlined numerous venues, as well as opened for artists like REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, Eddie Money, Patti LaBelle, and Melissa Etheridge. They’ve acquired a solid fan base in the Bay Area thanks to their tenacious touring. Dan himself has been asked to perform the National Anthem at a variety of popular events for the NBA, MLB, and professional hockey.

His work as a news anchor parallels his work in philanthropy. Dan started Rock the CASA in 2015, an annual benefit concert that raises money for other charities. He is on the board of directors for the nonprofits Friends of Camp Concord and Music in School Today (MUST). Not only that, he has a position on the board of the Bay Area Red Cross, Court Appointed Special Advocates, and Commonwealth Club of California. Dan’s great passion for music, current events, and philanthropy intersect every day of his life. To that end, proceeds from all of Dan’s musical endeavors go to support the charities close to his heart.

In “What Really Matters,” Dan Ashley puts life into perspective. He sings about the miraculous encounters he has faced and the traumatizing stories he has heard, proving that all of our priorities are relative. As he walks through the city, taking in the scenery, Dan has the chance to people watch and reminisce on the people he has met in the past. Every person faces their own struggles, and some people’s lives make ours look like a walk in the park. It’s hard to stay empathetic when you’re caught up in the rush of your own stress, but at the end of the day, we must be humble and humanitarian and love one another.