Portland lofi band Shaylee releases heartfelt new single “Piss Dirt”

“Gender is performative work. Every action, every movement, every word is loaded with meaning that we either don’t think twice about, or think much more than twice about. My living nightmare was grinding through workday after workday, one dead-end relationship after another, all in a gender role that fit me like a square peg in a round hole.

I wanted out, but I didn’t know where I could go. All I knew was that something was coming, something was near, that there was this explosive inevitability inside me that was always on the teetering edge of something just out of reach.

That’s what I wrote “Piss Dirt” about. It’s a trans working class ballad about living in a body that doesn’t feel like your own, living a life that doesn’t feel like your own, experiencing trauma and having it not even hit you until later when you’ve gained access to those feelings for the first time.

Please Listen To “Piss Dirt” Here