SlashShout launches newsletter for the esports Industry

Today, SlashShout ( announced its official launch into the esports news industry with a 5 minute daily esports update. The email covers esports and competitive gaming news from around the world, including business news, tournaments, players, teams, technology, and more, in a quick and fun 5 minute read, keeping its subscribers up to speed on the industry.

SlashShout delivers exclusive insights and summarizes the most interesting top stories each day, adds some humor and sarcasm, and gets right to the point, saving its readers time and keeping them informed each day. The first edition launched yesterday to subscribers covering stories such as Riot Games expansion outside of its flagship, League of Legends, and the Hearthstone Masters Tour in Canada. The recent SlashShout email also covered the new Fortnite $5M prize pool and the Call Of Duty official amateur competition – and how players can enter both events.

We found ourselves subscribing to and visiting upwards of 20 sources from around the web to get our gaming news, said Mike Wiston, CEO of SlashShout, “We started summarizing the hot button topics and our friends loved it, and early feedback and results suggest that the gaming community loves it as well.”

Mike Wiston is a veteran of the esports space, originally entering the industry with Borderland Gaming (BLGaming) by hosting shoutcasted tournaments and sponsoring top players in Super Street Fighter IV, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Bloodline Champions, and Tekken. He is joined by Blair Johnson, Director, with over 15 years of industry experience, and Ryan Goodrich, Lead Writer and Editor.

SlashShout not only covers competitive gaming news, but highlights the industry and business of esports, the technology involved, gaming hardware, tournaments and competitions, teams (and how to join them), streamers, and the entire gaming community. Subscribers can look forward to regular prizes and giveaways such as VIP tickets to events, gaming rigs, premium memberships, and more.