Gavin Haley “Long Game” Is A Hit

Ambition comes and goes, and sometimes we lose sight of our dreams. But Gavin Haley’s music career found him in an unusual pattern. After setting his eyes on a cyclist career, an unfortunate injury led Haley away from cycling and into the direction of Europe’s underground music scene. The 21-year-old found a brand in electro-pop, brimming with romantic guitars, introspective lyrics, and yearning soundscapes. The disarray Haley faced caused him to mature rapidly, allowing for the life lessons he was taught to be reflected in his music.

Haley is currently signed to Red Bull Records and has been greeted with success on his releases. His first single, “Fades Away,” landed on Spotify’s Viral 50 Chart in Australia, The UK, and America. Currently touring with Ashe, the Californian pop singer and songwriter, the pair recently released “Cold in California” together. Haley finds inspiration from a handful of old school and new school artists, influencing his music to be nonconforming and to focus more on the storytelling narrative.

The quote, “If you love something let it go” stands true for mental clarity and healing. And the music video for “Long Game” parallels that phrase by being transparent, picturesque, and uncomplicated. The various clips of Haley being sensitive and reflective displays his consideration to the partner he needs to let go of. When his smile flashes and lighthearted personality shines, viewers know right away how genuine and sincere Haley is to his music. Sometimes, relationships don’t work out, and it’s better to let it go rather than dragging it out. A break might be necessary for personal growth, and if what you let go was meant to be, it will find its way back.